Head's Letter
Dear Visitor,

This Trevor website shows only a small fraction of our program and activities. It is intended to entice you to come to one of our Trevor campuses to meet the teachers and students who make this learning community vibrant and exciting. At our East side campus, the younger students have two buildings; the nursery, pre-kindergarten and kindergarten have the Brownstone at 89th and 5th for their home. They join a marvelous world of words, numbers, music, art and play. Our youngest students learn in the “Trevor Way”— they are active, curious, and completely engaged as they learn to learn, learn to read and learn to collaborate. There are two teachers with each group of 10-15 students, and additional adults join them for Spanish, music, arts and movement. Our elementary students (grades 1-5) use the 20+ classrooms, gyms and library of the Church of the Heavenly Rest at 90th and 5th. These students continue with active learning—using manipulatives in math, using Orff instruments and recorders in music, making art, using their voices to read, debate and perform.

Our older students (grades 6-12) use our third building at 88th and CPW. There we continue experiential learning—learning to DO, learning to use knowledge rather than recite or return it. They write papers, perform experiments, engage in debate, converse in Spanish or French, and solve problems. They learn to ask questions rather than to answer them; they learn to research and to analyze; they learn that clear thinking is the key to clear writing. Our teachers spend the whole day with students; they occupy the same space and make themselves available for extra help or extra teaching, or just for friendship and collaboration. The academic program is supplemented and supported by a complete laptop computer program; every student uses a laptop for homework, research, organization, writing, and managing information. Our students are sophisticated digital thinkers who rely on this tool to enhance learning and communication.

Rather than reading about the Trevor education, witness if for yourself. See our mission in action. I invite you to come to Trevor to see for yourselves our active and experiential approach to learning. Come and meet some students and teachers and come to see the richness of offerings in arts, music, sport, extracurricular activities and academic classes.

Hope to see you soon,

Pamela J Clarke
Head of School

Trevor Mission
Trevor Day School builds an activity-based setting to educate each student for academic excellence and personal integrity in a diverse coeducational community that emphasizes responsibility, stimulates collaboration, and promotes mutual respect.