Head's Letter

Welcome to Trevor Day School. I am honored to share a glimpse into what makes Trevor so unique. 

A coeducational, college preparatory, Pre-K through Grade 12 day school in Manhattan, Trevor is committed to children—indeed, they are our reason for being. We believe it is our responsibility to invoke the good genius that exists in each and every child. Trevor works with parents to cultivate these inherent gifts, and in turn, develop a deep intellectual foundation in your children. We do so by committing ourselves to inquiry-based learning, guided by devoted teachers who model collaboration, intellectual passion, and adaptability.

Trevor’s school architecture embodies this commitment to children. Student-centered Common spaces define the Trevor experience. Here, teachers and students collaborate in a dynamic manner, and together, navigate a classic curriculum that leads to academic mastery, innovative thinking, and a global perspective. Our new Upper School campus on East 95th Street, opening in 2014-15, and our soon-to-be renovated Lower School on West 88th Street are optimal educational environments that exemplify our school’s mission to place students at the center of their learning.

Our goal is to challenge students to make meaning of what they are learning, and to guide them to become self-advocating, accepting, and aware thinkers. At Trevor, students make connections across disciplines, transcend academic boundaries, and become innovative problem-solvers who go forth to change the world. We empower students to take charge of their own learning and ask the tough questions that lead to true understanding.

I invite you to visit Trevor, and see for yourself what makes our school the special place that it is—neither traditional, nor progressive—but a third way that uniquely prepares students for the nation’s finest colleges and universities, and empowers them to construct lives that are well-lived.

Scott R. Reisinger
Head of School
Trevor Mission
Trevor Day School builds an activity-based setting to educate each student for academic excellence and personal integrity in a diverse coeducational community that emphasizes responsibility, stimulates collaboration, and promotes mutual respect.