The Academic Program
Trevor takes pride in its innovative program and ever-expanding and evolving curriculum offerings. Almost on a daily basis, the faculty and administrators are asked to reflect upon and re-evaluate the curriculum for mission consistency, effectiveness, validity and meaning in light of a swiftly evolving world. The faculty is given room to experiment within the definitions of the Mission, Vision and Values, paying particular attention to the individual needs of students. Student access to teachers allows us to carefully evaluate the impact of the curriculum on every student.

The wide range of offerings and opportunities in these pages reflect Trevor's commitment to educating the whole child and to identifying and celebrating the unique and diverse talents and possibilities within each. The result is that along with a focus on the traditional three R’s, the curriculum is designed to help students identify their strengths in many areas. The curriculum and schedule also provides ample time for all students to become deeply involved in world languages, the arts, physical education and athletics.

Teachers in all divisions and subject areas are required to engage in the use of innovative technology, integrating digital resources with the curriculum to expand the educational experience of Trevor students.

Students are required to have a laptop with them at all times, which provides them with access to digital tools, the Trevor network, the internet and allows peer-to-peer and student-to-teacher communication. Moodle, a robust curriculum delivery and management tool, channels interactive assignments/assessments, links to teacher selected Internet content and tracks student productivity. The connectivity helps students to accomplish complex assignments, keep in contact with their teachers, consistently meet deadlines and maintain a record of their work, which is always accessible by logging on to Moodle via any available Internet connection.