21st Century Learning

β€œThe last few decades have belonged to a certain kind of person with a certain kind of mind – computer programmers who could crack code, lawyers who could craft contracts, MBAs who could crunch numbers. But the keys to the kingdom are changing hands. The future belongs to a very different kind of person with a very different kind of mind – creators and empathizers, pattern recognizers, and meaning makers.” --Daniel Pink, A Whole New Mind

"The illiterate of the twenty-first century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn."----Alvin Toffler

We live in an increasingly complex, diverse, globalized, and multimedia saturated world driven by innovative ideas, knowledge, and technologies. Literacy has new meaning in this rapidly changing environment. Reading, writing, comprehension of basic mathematical concepts and mastery of core academic subjects are essential, but no longer sufficient in this global age. Information and communications technologies have transformed the world, making digital and media literacy imperative for navigating the challenges of the 21st century. A new vision of teaching and learning - one in which knowledge and skills are applied to real world issues - is needed for students to take advantage of the opportunities of the future.

The Partnership for 21st Century Skills, whose members include many of the major technology companies, is a leading advocacy organization focused on infusing 21st century skills into education. They believe the fundamental tools that today’s students need to develop consist of:
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Interpersonal and cross-cultural
  • Communication and collaboration
  • Initiative and self-direction
  • Information, media, and communications literacy
  • Productivity and accountability
  • Leadership and responsibility
  • Economic and business literacy
  • Global awareness
  • Civic literacy
Trevor Day’s stated vision, mission and values target a very similar set of proficiencies and accomplishments. We graduate students who are self-directed, lifelong learners and responsible global citizens. Our faculty provides authentic learning experiences and engaging, interactive, student centered instruction that is differentiated for individual needs.

Technology is integrated into the learning process and empowers our students as anytime, anywhere learners. Through our network and the Internet, Trevor students learn to collect with purpose and to evaluate information. They employ their computer’s comprehensive set of software applications and tools to create, communicate, collaborate and demonstrate their growing understanding of the world around them.