The music curriculum in the elementary early childhood and elementary years begins with the basic premise that experiencing music precedes intellectual understanding, students actively participate in many varied musical experiences, including speech, movement, singing, ear training games, and playing the rhythm and pitched instruments. Music reading skills are developed and reinforced through participation in chorus, recorder, and brass and wind ensembles in the later grades. As students progress into the Middle School they begin to specialize in elective choral and instrumental music ensembles performing in two major concerts per year.

The High School music curriculum expands upon the Middle School’s and offers both open-admission ensembles and higher-level, auditioned groups in instrumental and in choral music.

The instrumental music program offers a Concert Band (ninth/tenth grades), Jazz Ensemble (eleventh/twelfth grades), Big Band (ninth through twelfth grades), Trevor Clefs (nine through twelfth grades advanced jazz ensemble), Music Theory, and independent study of music with computer technology for composing, recording and editing.

Open-admission choral offerings include the Treble Chorus (girls), Troubadours (boys), and Ragarasa (Indian Classical Singing.) Auditioned groups include the A Capella Singers and boys’ and girls’ barbershop quartets.

Performances are an integral part of the music program in Middle School and High School. Formal evening concerts in the fall and spring are supplemented by in-school assembly performances and by special, off-campus performing opportunities, adjudication events and singing camps throughout the year.