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About Trevor

Founded in 1930, Trevor Day School is a Nursery through Grade 12 independent day school enrolling 800 students in a coeducational setting. Trevor has two campuses in Manhattan—our inviting Lower School is on the Upper West Side, steps from the park, and our LEED-certified Middle and Upper School is on the Upper East Side. 

Ambitious Academics
From age 3 to 18, Trevor delivers a challenging college-preparatory curriculum that sparks joy in learning and leads to sophisticated academic work. Trevor teachers enhance our classic curriculum by responding to how and why each child learns, drawing out the inner scientist, mathematician, writer, historian, artist, or leader that lives within each student.
Engaged Students
Trevor students take the lead, get their hands dirty, have real and challenging conversations, and figure out the world around them by doing. That makes them better essay writers, test takers, and lab practitioners along the way, because there’s no substitute for experience. We inspire students to take control of their learning, more and more each day. And that makes them far better learners.
Balanced Lives
For Trevor students, academic success and happiness are not mutually exclusive. By letting our students breathe, gain self-awareness, and inhabit their unbounded lives, Trevor shapes children into healthy, motivated, and well-balanced adults. The very kind of adults who build, discover, inspire, and lead communities.

As often as possible, teachers have kids experiencing the learning, vetting solutions, struggling with challenges, and finding a more creative way of getting there. - Trevor Parent
They’re excited to get up and go to school every single day. The kids are Trevor ambassadors for life. Trevor Parent

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