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Strategic Plan
The premier inquiry-based independent day school in New York.
Trevor will…

…reintroduce a Nursery program designed to expand its inquiry-based pedagogy to the early childhood years, thereby enhancing the Trevor experience for children and further promoting our leadership in inquiry-based education.

… engage in the best practices to advance the School’s mission and vision.

… provide for the pedagogical, administrative, and departmental organization that reflects interdisciplinary approaches to knowledge, skills, and understanding the world.

… create and provide support for a Center for the Study and Promotion of Inquiry-Based Education for teachers and administrators from both Trevor and other independent schools; itds mission will be the promotion of the Trevor model of Inquiry-Based Learning and Teaching, both locally and nationally.

 … increase the School's commitment to the intellectual communities of which it is a part by developing a coherent connection to the diverse communities of New York in educational programming and expanding cooperative programs with colleges, universities, and sites of learning and service.

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  • Trevor Day School

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