Contemporary Multicultural Issues

The Trevor curriculum is intentionally flexible, which encourages the integration of important or urgent topics in an ever-changing world. Contemporary Multicultural Issues (CMI) is an inquiry-based program designed to encourage knowledge building, conversation, reflection, and growth on topics relating to current events, multicultural and intersectional issues, and dimensions of self. 

CMI’s quarterly sessions are facilitated by the Trevor faculty, staff, and special guest instructors; frequently, they are supported by book excerpts, articles, videos, podcasts, and other sources. For each session, students in grades 8–-12 sign up for a CMI course topic that interests or challenges them. 

CMI courses have covered these topics: Ability, Affiliations, Age, Appearance, Education, Employment, Environment, Ethnicity, Family Structure, Gender, Geographic Location, Health & Wellness, Language, Media, Nationality, Race, Religion, Sexual Identity/Orientation, Socioeconomic Class/Income, and Veteran Status.  

Sample Course Offerings During a 2019 Session:
  • Epilepsy: Facts, Myths & Allyship
  • Indigenous Peoples: Become More Socially and Historically Aware
  • Eviction: The Scarlet E
  • The Cycle of Abuse in Athletics
  • Accent Discrimination
  • Diversify Your Feed
  • Environmental Justice: Poverty & Pollution 
  • Power & Politics: Trump’s Impeachment
  • The Uyghurs & China: Cultural Genocide?
  • Understanding the LGBTQIA+ Umbrella