Beyond the Classroom

Beyond the Classroom

New York’s unmatched resources infuse and augment learning at Trevor. Beyond the anticipated NYC destinations—Central Park, MOMA, Lincoln Center, and Ellis Island, for example—Trevor students tie learning to experiences, through enriching excursions to sites such as the African Burial Ground, Storm King, and the Wolf Conservation Center.

When learning stretches beyond the classroom, students have the opportunity to test their knowledge and understanding of the world well before they head to college. So they are that much more adaptive, accepting, and aware when they arrive.

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  • Field Trips

    Trevor keeps students active and engaged in their environment and helps them to recognize the wealth of information and resources that abound in New York City, where the possibilities are nearly infinite. Local field trips include (but are not limited to) Central Park, museums, Broadway shows, historical sites and monuments, zoos, and a multitude of other opportunities.
  • Outdoor Education

    Trevor introduces students to outdoor experiences, both daylong and overnight—which help them learn more about themselves, their peers, and the natural environment. Outdoor education experiences emphasize the development of independence, self-confidence, problem solving, and community building. Outdoor education locations include Frost Valley, Black Rock Forest, Shelter Island, Washington DC, Philadelphia, the Hudson River Valley, and Club Getaway, in Kent, Connecticut.
  • Well Beyond the City

    Learning through contextual experiences is invaluable to a young person. Trevor attaches study to travel, to broaden a student’s perspective, and illuminate lessons learned in the classroom. Trevor offers opportunities to travel to destinations such as Yellowstone National Park and the Navajo Nation in Arizona, as well as rotating international locations that have included China, Cuba, India, and South Africa.
Ambitious academics.  Engaged students.  Balanced lives.

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