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Trevor’s Lower School program empowers students, ages 2.8 through 10, to develop skills, knowledge, and strategies for learning and questioning throughout their education. Students build strong academic foundations while also pursuing emerging interests and developing the identities they will have as lifelong learners.

Students follow a classic Lower School curriculum to prepare for entry into the Middle School and the college-preparatory Upper School program. Students pursue academic excellence in a robust and well-rounded program that includes reading, writing, language arts (spelling, handwriting, grammar), mathematics, science, social studies, world language, technology and computer science, art, music, physical education, and library. Skilled teachers and inquiry-based learning methodologies further enliven this dynamic curriculum, helping to advance each child’s ability to think analytically and creatively. In the process, students’ natural curiosity is continually satisfied and expanded—thus inspiring a joy for learning.

Community building and group membership help children make the transition from home to a school environment. Expert head teachers lead every classroom, with support from associate teachers in Nursery through Grade 2. Specialists in music, physical education, Spanish, art, and library work with the children every week, and recreational physical activity and outdoor play is also an important part of the schedule for every grade.

The curriculum is dynamic, developmentally appropriate, and includes many opportunities for inquiry-driven and hands-on experiences. Because children learn and work at varying rates, Trevor designs its curriculum to engage students at different levels. To challenge children, content is often pushed to the edge of students’ understanding and competence levels. This approach works because the Trevor classroom is known to students as a safe place to take intellectual risks and to explore new areas of study

Welcome to the Lower School

Our curriculum and program have been thoughtfully designed so that students can work both independently and collaboratively to explore new concepts and master skills. Our students delve deeply into subject matter and, because of the high level of collaboration that is expected, they also develop strong social skills—learning to lead and also to listen and confer when necessary. At Trevor, we understand that students come to school with inherent strengths which we seek to develop, and we also encourage them to grow in new areas by setting goals and creating strategies to meet those goals.
School should be a safe place where students are happy and eager to come each day, because real learning happens when children feel good about themselves and when expectations are clear. Our students learn to take positive risks and grow from their failures—and they’re having fun doing it. I love working in a school where each child is known by his or her teachers, both as an academic student and also as a social being; where students are challenged to go just beyond that which they think they’re capable; and where students’ hearts are nurtured along with their minds.

Andy Wilson
Director of Lower School

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