From day one, Trevor students dive into a challenging and dynamic college-preparatory curriculum that balances their natural love of learning with teachers who are expert at challenging them to go further than they may have thought possible. Students navigate a thoughtfully mapped scope and sequence of coursework that builds and fortifies their critical thinking skills and knowledge, and which culminates in their ambitious enrollment in a wide variety of college-level courses. 

Our curriculum derives from our teachers’ pedagogical passion, subject-matter expertise, and practiced ability to draw the out the best in every student. Growing and learning in an atmosphere that values inquiry, collaboration, calculated risk-taking, and mutual respect, Trevor students are more than prepared to master the essentials as well as pick and choose from multiple electives in various academic artistic disciplines by their Upper School years.
The culmination of our curricular scope and sequence is the Senior Bridge Program—an opportunity for independent study exclusively afforded to seniors. For their final term, Trevor students partner with a teacher on an intensive academic, professional, or creative pursuit that shows their academic prowess, connects them to what they love, and propels them into collegiate success.
Trevor is not afraid to evolve and incorporate learning of the now into the curriculum. They are not stuck to an antiquated curriculum for tradition’s sake.
– Trevor parent
The academic rigor is there, and it’s purposeful in the approach to learning.
– Trevor parent

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  • Trevor Day School

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