Trevor students display uncommon levels of maturity, self-advocacy, and the confidence to take risks. Why? In part because of trustful and mutually engaging relationships with their teachers. At the core of the teacher-student relationship at Trevor is an unparalleled advisory program.

Homeroom teachers (Nursery - Grade 5) and advisors (Grades 6 - 12) are involved with all aspects of a student’s life at school. They serve as the central collection point for information and oversee the totality of the student's academic, social, and emotional development. With low teacher/advisor-student ratios, faculty is well positioned to monitor progress and well-being, as well as act as advocates and guides for each student. Homeroom teachers and advisors schedule and conduct family conferences, serving both as school representatives and moderators, to ensure that the conferences are constructive and the student understands any goals that are set.  

Middle and Upper School advisors schedule a 50-minute one-on-one conference with each advisee once in every ten-day cycle. During these meetings, the advisor reviews each student's accountability reports, which are generated by the student's teachers on a regular basis. Advisors also check on the well-being of their advisee and review any challenges that may affect the student, and serve as a liaison between the family and the school.
My son had an extraordinary advisor. He’s taken a hand in helping to raise my son. I can’t express how grateful I am as a parent for my son's intellectual and emotional leaps. I correlate those to his relationship with his advisor.
Trevor parent
“The advising program is extremely unique.  The students know I am here for them all day, no matter what. We sit down once every six days and talk about academics, talk about social stuff.  It’s like having your own private guidance counselor.”
Trevor faculty member

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