Embracing the creative process, empowering individuals, collaborating as a group, and enriching the larger community. Choreolab embodies so many of Trevor’s rich values.

Choreolab is a coeducational, extracurricular dance program open to Upper School students in Grades 7-12. Its magic and power lies in the fact that Choreolab is entirely student-driven and student-executed. Students devote hundreds of hours to create, collaborate, choreograph, direct, and eventually perform for the entire Trevor community. A program that students consistently describe as a "highlight of the year," Choreolab is facilitated by expert faculty and serves as a model within Trevor’s inquiry-based learning environment. Every year, all three performances of this beloved tradition are sold out.

By giving students the opportunity to discover their capabilities and engage in the creative process, they gain confidence and develop their own sense of self. Trevor encourages all students to think of themselves as educators in the art of dance. This process promotes trust and mutual respect and breaks down arbitrary boundaries associated with gender and age. Students in Grade 7 join those in Grade 12 to nurture a seed of an idea and, together, develop it into a sophisticated performance.  Choreolab connects students through movement and purpose, thus forming a richer community. Those on stage, in the tech booth, and in the audience all participate to make Trevor’s Choreolab powerfully potent.
It opened a door that became an essential aspect of my Trevor experience and is one of the most meaningful parts of my life. Dance gives us permission to express ourselves in ways that are suppressed in day-to-day social interaction. Dance doesn’t belong to boys or girls or a particular race or culture. It’s everyone’s to take. –Trevor Alumnus

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  • Q: What is the history of Choreolab?

    This signature program began as a humble idea under the direction of Bonnie Brown at the Walden School in 1981. Guided by the philosophy that the creative process is the most invigorating and intellectual pursuit in the art of dance, Brown sought to empower students by giving them the opportunity to create something with a sense of purpose. Originally, students constructed the stage with leftover wood and muslin, collected costumes from home, and used cue cards to announce each performance, and the first show was a huge success. Brown noted, “When it was over, the first question asked was: ‘Can we do it again next year?’”

    The program is constantly evolving and the production quality is significantly ehanced, but nearly 40 years later, Choreolab remains true to its mission—to give ownership to students. Each year, students and alumni/ae return to experience the energy and excitement of one of the most successful and flourishing extracurricular activities on campus. The enthusiasm that brought this concert into being remains its inspiration.

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