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Trevor intentionally gathers all four grades of high school, and all high school faculty members, into a single open space, cluttered with desks, books, and the debris of learning. This is the High School Center.  With teachers arrayed around the perimeter, the Center is where students utilize their discretionary periods, collaborate with classmates, and meet with teachers and advisors outside of class.  

Trevor replicates this unbridled collaboration in the Middle School Common Room and Grade 4 & 5 Common Room, where students and their teachers debate and create, defend and decry, laugh, think, question, experiment, and share raucous epiphanies in a space where everyone feels an equal. Here, all students speak up, even as they’re still figuring out how to use their voices in the wider world.

Trevor’s student-centered common spaces engender exceptionally close and kinetic student-to-teacher, student-to-student, and teacher-to-teacher relationships, and expose students to the dynamism of innovative thinking. Within these intentional, intensive spaces, students navigate a classic curriculum designed to confer academic mastery while developing the self-confidence, original perspective, and perseverance to thrive in any idea-rich arena.

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“The laughter and the joy in learning that takes place in the Common Room is astounding.”
Trevor faculty member
We’ll never give up on the philosophy embodied by the Center. I sit there and work. My students have unfettered access to me.  I wouldn’t want it any other way.
Trevor faculty member
“The Center is Trevor.  It’s where I need to be.”
Trevor s

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