Coordinated Science

The sequence and coordination of Trevor’s science curriculum is uniquely designed to deeply engage students and respond to their growing curiosities and advancing aptitudes.
In 9th through 11th grade, students take a coordinated three-year course of study that focuses on two sciences each academic year. This coordinated approach offers students an understanding of the core principles behind each science and the many connections between them. As students’ laboratory and mathematics skills build every year, topics are studied with increasing depth and sophistication in each discipline. 

  • Grade 9 Coordinated Science: (Chemistry I and Physics I)
  • Grade 10 Coordinated Science (Chemistry II and Biology I)
  • Grade 11 Coordinated Science (Biology II and Physics II)
For students who want to explore the curriculum even further with a third science, there are three electives offered in 9th through 11th grade: 

  • Principles of Ecology and Evolution
  • Environmental Science
  • Advanced Topics in Chemistry

With this extensive foundation, students are well positioned to embark upon an array of advanced electives in the 11th and 12th grade:

  • Advanced Biology: Marine Biology
  • Advanced Biology: Neuroscience
  • Advanced Chemistry: Kinetics & Thermodynamics
  • Advanced Chemistry: Organic
  • Advanced Physics
  • Astronomy and Astrophysics
  • Epidemiology
  • Environmental Science & Policy

Explore the full Trevor science curriculum here.


"Science is all about experimentation, inquiry, and discovery. Our science curriculum helps students develop the skills necessary to design their own experiments, fully analyze their results to develop a strong and valid conclusion, and then coherently and confidently explain their findings to somebody else." 
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