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Educating for sustainability requires a myriad of small measures taken every day and an assemblage of broad lessons learned and practiced over time.  Trevor students learn that small steps taken repeatedly are the measure of success; there is no instant gratification or fast-food approach to achieve a sustainable future.  Intrinsically linked to service learning at Trevor, the value of conservation is instilled through a combination of understanding and action.

Trevor partners with The Cloud Institute for Sustainability Education for training and resources related to educating for sustainability.  With the support of the Institute, and across all grade levels and academic disciplines, Trevor integrates topics of sustainability into its curriculum, including systems change, global citizenship, and sense of place.

A second-grade Wolf Unit incorporates the study of shared resources and predator-prey relationships.  Third graders participate in a Hudson River Study, which focuses on the preservation of cultural histories and the impact on sustainable communities.  Jump to the High School, and students are learning in real time about Trevor’s new Upper School building on East 95th Street, and its enormous capacity for geothermal heating and cooling.

And outside the classroom, Trevor’s commitment to sustainability is just as great.  The School is a member of the Green Schools Alliance, a group dedicated to reducing the carbon footprint of New York City.  The Trevor Maintenance Department uses green materials, and Trevor’s Food Service team, along with the students and faculty, are committed to recycling and composting.  Students are in charge of recycling paper on the Lower School campus, and within the Upper School, the Fuzzy Greens is a student-led club devoted to raising awareness on matters of sustainability and affecting positive action in the school community.

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