Welcome Home

Welcome home alums!

We happily invite you to share the fond memories of your school days, reconnect with friends and faculty, and be an active part of the Trevor Day School community. Whether you identify with Trevor Day, The Day School, Walden, or New Lincoln, you are part of a rich and proud heritage that forms the core of this supremely special institution. Collaboration, student-centered learning, Common Spaces, exceptional teachers and mentors, and hands-on experiences – these are but some of the fundamental elements of a Trevor education which we all share.

As the Trevor family continues to grow, we look to you, our alumni, to grow with us. We are always excited to update you on the happenings at Trevor and we hope you’ll share with us your milestones and updates as well. We also invite you to send us any pictures, videos, stories, or memorabilia from your time at Trevor. Your stories drive powerful connections about the formative experiences that tie us all together; and the impactful paths your forge in college and beyond will forever fuel Trevor’s legacy.

There are numerous ways to stay in touch in addition to our website’s alumni pages, including multiple social media channels, directly contacting the alumni office, and by visiting our campuses. There is no better way to reconnect than experiencing your teachers working with the next generation of Trevor students. Many of our long-time traditions such as Choreolab, the Skating Party, and the Senior Time Capsule are still central to the Trevor experience, and you have an open invitation to share those experiences with us year after year.

We hope you’ll stay connected and encourage your friends and classmates to do so as well. If you have any questions or ideas, please contact:

Emily Walker Bracchitta
Director of Alumni Relations
One West 88th Street
New York, NY 10024
    • Financial Aid at Trevor

Ways to Get Involved

Your involvement is critical to the future of our school. Our alumni community can enhance the Trevor experience for the next generation of students by giving back in a few simple ways:
  • Get involved with alumni events and come back for community events
  • Offer your expertise on one of our panels
  • Share your ideas/experiences with our alumni office
  • Become an alumni reunion representative
  • Lend a hand through community service
  • Make an online donation

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