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Trevor offers its students a wide array of clubs and activities. These groups meet regularly to discuss interesting topics, partake in activities, produce publications or materials, raise money and/or awareness, and provide a common ground for students with similar interests. Below is a list of clubs currently offered at the High School level.

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  • 70's Movie Club

    The 70's movies club will analyze marvels of cinema from the 1970's that shaped our world.
  • Admissions Ambassadors

    The Admissions Ambassadors Club's primary goal is to strengthen the Trevor Day School touring experience. Club time is devoted to enhancing the knowledge of student tour guides as well as discussing ways to answer tough questions tour guides may encounter when touring. In addition, club time will be utilized for open house preparation and ongoing student admissions projects.
  • Advanced Poetry Workshop

    The "advanced" in the club name really stands for advanced desire to write and work on one's own poems. Club members are expected to be engaged in writing original work and sharing it in club meetings. We've got three, excellent writing clubs this year: Lit Mag, Slam Poetry, and Advanced Poetry Workshop. Lit Mag, as well as producing a literary publication,  is essentially an in-club writing workshop focusing around creative prompts and activities; Slam Poetry is a performance-oriented, creative brouhaha of inspirational participation; and Advanced Poetry Workshop is the quieter one, focused on independently- motivated, personal poetic production. Students are invited to enroll in one, two, or all three of these clubs.
  • Afro-Caribbean Club

    This club delves into different topics regarding the present and the past of Afro-Caribbean culture including, cultural origins, music, dance and, politics.
  • American Sign Language Club

    American Sign Language Club will give students the opportunity to learn about deaf culture and how to speak ASL. It will give them a new perspective as well as a chance to learn about a culture and language that that they've not been exposed to before.
  • Animal Rights Club

    In the Animal Rights Club we focus on raising awareness for and about local animal shelters. We also try to do as much fundraising as possible for these shelters, and take service trips to assist at the shelters.
  • Baseball

    A great way to learn more about America's pastime.
  • Best Buddies

    Best Buddies is a non-profit organization that specializes in facilitating one-on-one relationships with people with IDDs. The Trevor Day chapter focuses on fundraising for the organization, including events like the waffle sale and the Best Buddies Friendship Walk. In addition to fundraising, the leaders are working to get the chapter partnered with a school looking for buddies. There are many opportunities for community service, doing good, and having a great time while making a difference. 
  • BizForm

    The BizForm Club will explore, discuss and learn about three of the most critical aspects of business: formation, growth, and the financing for these developments.  We will keep club meetings relevant and valuable by introducing a new business, finance or economics topic that is currently in the news or one that club members would like to explore. 
  • Boys Dance Club

    Boys Dance is a club that is opening the doors of expression through movement to boys. It is a great chance to try something new that will undoubtedly be rewarding and fun. This also is directly related to Choreolab, and can get you involved in that if you are not in Dance class.
  • Chamber Ensemble

    Chamber Ensemble is a music ensemble focusing on strings and other orchestral instruments - playing repertoire from baroque and classical like Bach and Mozart, to pop and rock like Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen and Clocks by Coldplay, and even jazz and other contemporary pieces. 

  • Charity Committee

    Our charity club aims to create an environment that allows members to discover new charities and to advocate for charities that they believe to be the best. As a charity club we will raise money that will be donated to a handful of charities that our club deems most fit. 
  • Chess Club

    The goal of the chess club is to showcase and streamline Trevor’s chess talent, and help students improve their game through games, peer guidance, and a variety of chess related activities.  The club will meet for group activities, tournaments, and games, but will also have additional meetings for those interested in out of school tournament play.  
  • Cuba Club

    Cuba Club’s objective is to introduce Trevor students to Cuban culture, preserve and further Trevor’s meaningful connection with the Guardería Catedral nursery school in Havana, as well as sustain the club’s relationship with high school students in Cuba. We will focus on different aspects of Cuba's colorful history and culture, which will often be facilitated by guest speakers, such as the former United States ambassador to Cuba, college students who have studied abroad in Cuba, and others. The club will also serve to inspire conversation about the changing diplomatic relations between our two countries.
  • Dancehall

    Dancehall is focused on learning different styles of Caribbean dance and the culture behind them. The club is committed to encouraging all dancers to strive for excellence and enjoy getting there, providing dance instruction through games, activities, and choreography. Dancehall promotes strong self-confidence, self-respect, discipline, and appreciation for Caribbean styles of dance. 

  • Dancers with Cancer

    Dancers with Cancer is a non-profit organization established to help heal those afflicted with cancer and other debilitating diseases through the art of dance therapy, as well as raise funding to support orphan cancer research and serve underprivileged children with cancer.  
  • Education Around the World

    Education Around the World works with the company, World Vision to help raise awareness and money to support an education for everyone in need. we work with them to gather school supplies, pack backpacks, and eventually raise enough money to build a school. 
  • Feminism

    This club is an all-inclusive group; we encourage everyone regardless of their sex, sexuality, race, ethnicity, religion or any other part of their identity to come and join the conversation. By definition, feminism is a movement designed to fight for the equality of all sexes. This club is designed to educate, discuss and debate the various social issues and stigmas relevant in our society today. This year it is our goal to meet with other clubs that are dealing with social justice issues and work together to solve issues and bring awareness. 
  • Fitness and Health Club

    The FAHC (Fitness And Health Club) is a club that serves two purposes: 1) To inform students on the importance of taking care of their bodies with eating healthy and engaging in physical activities and 2) To help experience a healthier life. Rather than just trying to give information and advice on how to look after our bodies, this club finds youthful ways to introduce healthy living choices. The FAHC encourages students within the Trevor community to join in on healthy living while also encouraging others outside of the community to, as well. 
  • Fuzzy Greens

    Fuzzy Greens is Trevor’s environmental club. We work to make the community in and around Trevor more sustainable. We do so by maintaining Trevor’s hydroponic towers, raising money for environmental organizations, raising awareness about environmental issues, and doing whatever we can to make Trevor an even greener school. 
  • Game Club

    Game Club is a society of game-enthusiasts, focusing on board games, puzzles, card/deck-building games, and strategy games. The goals of the club are to introduce crosswords, deck-building games, and strategy games to Trevor students and to build a community of students and faculty. 
  • Get InspirED

    In this club, our goal is to improve the emotional climate of our school. We will survey and interview students and faculty to see how they feel at school, ask about their emotional experiences and if they feel supported by each other. Together we will develop a long-term, school-wide solution to one issue that we learn we can improve upon and make a lasting positive impact on Trevor. 
  • Girls Who Code

    We will be working with Girls Who Code, a not-for-profit that works to close the gender gap in coding. We aim to introduce more girls in the Trevor community to the power of coding in a fun and inclusive environment.
  • Global Concerns Committee

    Global Concerns partners with Concern Worldwide, an international humanitarian organization that provides aid to impoverished communities around the world.  This club is committed to raising awareness as well us funds for causes that Concern Worldwide focuses on, such as the refugee crisis, climate change, and world hunger.
  • GOT Club

    Our club is going to be the ultimate Game Of Thrones fan experience. We will go over multiple different theories, review past episodes to look for things we might not have seen the first time, and much more. 
  • HELO Haiti

    The mission of the HELO Haiti club is to create and maintain a relationship between Trevor and the HELO orphanage in Haiti. The club strives to connect with and learn about Haitian culture by learning Haitian Creole, staying in contact with the children in Haiti, and raising money and awareness for HELO. We go on an annual trip to the HELO orphanage where we help out in English classes, do crafts and other fun activities with the kids, and help with construction or renovation of the orphanage. 
  • History of Mechanized Warfare Club

    The history of mechanized warfare club will focus on a time period and a topic for the year. We will learn about that topic and make a diorama of a battle. Anyone can join to learn more about mechanized warfare, regardless of their background knowledge about military history. 
  • Improv Club

    Just as the name suggests, improv club gives members the opportunity to learn, hone, and practice the skills in improvisational comedy. A typically meeting may include various games and exercises as well as a breakdown and analysis of a sketch.
  • Independent Film Club

    Independent Film Club will be a place to watch and discuss movies that are produced by independent studios. Our mission is to present the club members with new films that may not have made it to theaters. We will watch critically acclaimed independent films that have brought new styles and ideas to the large and influential film industry. We will also discuss the theme, cinematic styles, and storytelling tactics. 
  • International Issues Club

    The mission of the International Issues Club (IIC) is to offer a space for students to discuss world history and international issues with an emphasis on incorporating global voices and perspectives into the discussion.
  • Japanese Culture Club

    This is a club for people interested in the different aspects of Japanese Culture. Some topics include movies, animation, video games, food, literature, and learning the language. 
  • Jewish Affairs Club

    Our club's main goal is to raise money for the Jewish National Fund. However we will also discuss the Israeli-Palistinian conflict, current events, and have fun debates such as latke vs. hamantaschen.
  • Jewish Heritage

    The Jewish heritage club is a place where people can come together and explore Judaism. Some topics of focus will be current events, the state of Israel, holidays and traditions, cuisine, and the history of Judaism.  
  • Joyful Hearts Foundation

    Our club will be supporting the Joyful Heart Foundation by spreading awareness and raising money for the cause. JHF's mission is to " transform society’s response to sexual assault, domestic violence, and child abuse, support survivors’ healing, and end this violence forever." In our club we will educate our community about the reality of the situations many people face everyday whether it's rape, domestic violence, sexual assault/harassment, or child abuse/neglect. 
  • Learn, Teach, Repeat

    The goal of this club is to increase the standard of education in underprivileged schools across New York. In these Public and Charter Schools the ratio of students to teachers is about 25:1, making it difficult for teachers to reach out to kids struggling academically. We hope to address and help with these issues using tutor outreach and fundraising. 
  • Lit Mag

    The Literary Magazine is a club for Trevor upper school students who are looking to express themselves and improve their creative-writing chops in a non-traditional environment. 

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  • Make A Wish

    Our club raises money for the Make A Wish Foundation - a non-profit organization, which arranges "wishes" to children with life-threatening medical conditions. We can focus on one special story and make an impact on an individual that everyone can meet. As a group, we will pick one specific wish and our goal is to raise a sufficient amount of money to fulfill that wish by the end of the year. 
  • Marketing & Advertising Club

    In the Marketing and Advertising club, we will be learning about different marketing strategies while taking a closer look at various ads, logos, and slogans. Topics will range from gendered marketing to foreign commercials and how they reflect pop culture in each society. We will also get the chance to create our own advertisements inspired by the specific topic we have learned each cycle. 
  • Math Club

    Math Club is an opportunity for students to expand on the math skills that they learn in class as well as learn to solve new kinds of problems. In the club we will do a variety of games, worksheets, and activities, and compete in several different math competitions throughout the year.
  • Mentor Me

    Our mission is to connect NYC high school mentors with elementary and middle school students in an attempt to cultivate friendships, help with school, and alleviate childcare stress. Mentor Me is both an after school tutoring/mentoring program and a field trip program. The purpose of the club is to work on raising money (bake sales, raffles, etc.) and plan the programs.
  • MIOW/Diversity Club

    MIOW (Multiple Identities, One World) is a student-led group with the following goals:
    - Building an inclusive and diverse community
    - Discussing issues of social justice and equity
    - Empowering students to be advocates and activists for a better world

  • Mock Trial Club

    Mock Trial is a competitive interscholastic extracurricular for those interesting in law that allows you to go head to head against students all over New York and potentially, the country. 
  • Model Congress

    Trevor Model Congress provides students with the opportunity to research and discuss important and current domestic and global issues. Club members learn about and experience our Congressional system as they write and debate bills. 
  • Model United Nations

    Through the lens of the world’s foremost foreign body, members will learn the skills of public speech, research, formal debate, resolution writing, networking, and problem solving, all while discussing current events and global issues. 
  • Music Production Club

    Music Production Club will be a meeting place and time for musicians and producers to come together and share their personal projects and collaborate on future ones. People should join if they want to be involved in collaborative music making and songwriting as well as discussions about technology and music business. 
  • Neuroscience Club

    The Neuroscience club will aim to create a learning environment to allow students to gain additional knowledge about the brain and its functions through research and participation in experiments meant to enhance the club members knowledge of the brain.
  • Newspaper Club

    The Trevor Dragon offers high school students an opportunity to improve their journalistic skills through collaboration with other students, as well as a platform on which they may voice their opinions, showcase their writing, and see their name in print. 
  • Palestinian Awareness Club

    The mission of the Palestinian Awareness Club is to raise awareness by experiencing the culture through movies, foods, music, and discussion. 
  • Pencils of Promise

    Pencils of Promise is a for-purpose organization that builds schools, trains teachers and funds scholarships. At Trevor we will raise money to support students and teachers in the countries served by Pencils of Promise.
  • Queer & Allies

    We discuss national and international issues that impact the LGBTQ+ community, and we hope to enlighten the members of the Trevor community who are not aware of these issues. We also help coordinate all LGBTQ+ events in the school, such as Day of Silence.
  • Robotics

    Experience the joy of creating your very own mechanical masterpiece in Robotics Club. Using Lego Mindstorms' simple, yet powerful toolset, students will construct a number of cool and unique robots throughout the course of the club. If you are someone who enjoys building, engineering, and/or programming, come to Robotics and join in on the fun. 
  • Science Fiction Club

    Discuss your thoughts on the newest Doctor in Doctor Who or count everything Back to the Future and Star Trek predicted right about the future. This year we're planning events from lightsaber battles to movie nights!
  • Science Olympiad

    The Trevor Science Olympiad Team provides an opportunity for students who are interested in science to delve further into areas that interest them with fellow students. The team competes in the New York City Regional Science Olympiad Competition. The goals of the Science Olympiad Team in the next year will be to encourage participation from a greater number of students, improve performance in the competition, and most importantly, foster a sense of team identity and excitement about science.

    SCOPE, which stands for summer camp opportunities promote education, is an organization that helps to send underprivileged kids to camp for the summer through a scholarship. As a club we will organize, plan, and execute various fundraising activities thought the school year.
  • Senior Band

    Senior Band is for senior students with musical experience whether instrumental, vocal, or technical. In Senior Band students will get the opportunity to curate their own set list, explore their own musical interests, and collaborate with other musicians.
  • Service Committee

    Service Committee is the club for people who are interested in community service. We are in charge of planning schoolwide service days and Trevor's group for weekend service events. We focus our efforts on Service Learning and trying to get students more involved in community service. 
  • Slam Poetry Club

    Slam Poetry Club is focused on discovering, creating, editing and learning about slam poetry. Members are encouraged to do individual research and work, and then present it to their peers. Members will also learn how to write and preform slam poetry, and by the end of the year have a small collection of poems written. 
  • SOCA (Students of Color Affinity)

    SOCA - Students of Color Affinity: An affinity group is a group of people who have a shared identity, interest, or purpose. SOCA creates a safe and open space where students of color at Trevor Day School can explore ideas about their identity, share resources, and mentor each other while empowering each other, facilitating critical reflection, fostering informed action and promoting social justice.
    SOCA chooses to define "of color" as an umbrella term for people who identify with one or more historically-marginalized racial-ethnic groups.
  • Sports Fanatics

    Sports Fanatics club will be talking about sports in more depth than most sports conversations, analyzing games, and making predictions. 
  • Stage Crew

    Join Stage Crew to learn more about behind the scenes of theater in preparation for Trevor performances.
  • Student Arts Initiative

    The Student Arts Initiative’s focus is to give students the platform to showcase their artwork and perform for their peers. Last year we worked with Teen Cancer America to produce their yearly talent show as well as installed the collaborative mural on the first floor. This year we will produce a Student Film Festival, create more art installations throughout the building, and work on any other ideas you may have! Our main goal is to inspire students to share their passions and talents for art in order to foster a more creatively thriving student body.  
  • Student Council

    The Student Council represents the concerns of the students and is the bridge between the students and the faculty, staff, and administration. Members have many responsibilities, including communicating with students and faculty to stay updated on the climate of the school, creating proposals, helping to organize certain school events, and much more. This process is extremely rewarding because council members contribute to the improved happiness and productivity of the community.

  • Tae Kwon Do

    This club will be a safe place for both old and new students to learn self-defense and train.
  • Teen Cancer America

    Teen Cancer America is an organization that works closely with hospitals to help bridge the gap between adult and pediatric oncology care. Their mission is to educate hospitals on the type of care especially designed for teenagers that is proven to have higher success rates. We are also excited to put on the third annual benefit concert to raise money for the cause!
  • The World on Your Mind

    The World On Your Mind is a space at school where students can discuss their free-flowing ideas, opinions, and philosophies with their peers. Each meeting, we will introduce a philosophical question that interests us. We will then discuss the question and our perspective on it, potentially leading to more questions and deeper discussion.
  • Trevor Language Tutors

    Trevor Language Tutors is an opportunity for advanced language students to volunteer and tutor their Trevor peers that may need help in their language classes. Similar to the Writing and Math Centers, Trevor Language Tutors’ goal is to provide an alternate form of help to foster collaboration and offer students support with homework, projects, preparation for tests, or truly any other assignment or concept that may need some further clarification. 
  • Trevor Radio

    In Trevor Radio, we create, host, and produce podcasts for Trevor. As for what the podcasts will be about, the possibilities are endless; there are no bad ideas. Come hang out with us, and we can go live! 
  • Trevor Tutors

    Trevor Tutors pairs an Upper School Student with a Lower School student. You will meet with the same student once a week, depending on your schedule. If you choose to participate in this club, you will receive community service hours that includes your work and your travel time. 
  • Trevor Upbeats

    The Trevor Upbeats is a student-run choral group focused on collaboration. Students have the opportunity to work together to arrange and sing various songs they enjoy in the presence of their peers. The club will primarily focus on musical arrangements similar to that of "Pitch Perfect", a modern/pop take on A Capella.
  • UNICEF Club

    The UNICEF Club will be working on raising money and supporting various UNICEF Projects throughout the year.  We will also be working on bringing Trick or Treat for UNICEF to Trevor.
  • Video Crew

    Video Crew club is designed to allow students to improve their technical skills, film school events, and create original films. Members will also get the opportunity to make a film that will be submitted to the New York Alliance Film Festival, in which the Video Crew won third place last year. Being a member of the Video Crew club will also help the Trevor community by filming, editing and uploading school events like plays, musicals, choreolab and assemblies. 
  • Wild Tomorrow Fund

    Wild Tomorrow Fund is an organization dedicated to saving the wildlife in South Africa. Their mission is to protect endangered species and the environment that they depend on; they are driven to create a wild tomorrow. Trevor works very closely with the founders of the organization, and we work hard to raise money to help out in whatever way they need. 
  • Yearbook

    Yearbook club captures all that goes on at Trevor throughout the year, from day-to-day activities to sports to trips, and presents everyone's collective memories in the form of a sign-able keepsake.
    • Neuroscience Club

    • Dancers With Cancer

    • Marketing and Advertising Club

    • Make A Wish

    • Joyful Heart

    • Feminism

    • MIOW

    • Model UN

    • Yearbook

    • Japanese Culture

    • Improv

    • Science Fiction

    • Palestine Awareness

    • Admissions

    • Jewish Affairs

    • Sports Fanatics

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