Instructional Technology


The Instructional Technology team identifies leading edge technologies and applications and helps teachers determine which are most suitable for our environment. The team, working with faculty and students, develops best practices for integrating these technologies with curriculum to create authentic, interdisciplinary, engaging, and collaborative learning experiences. We support administrators and teachers as they adapt to their changing roles and responsibilities as 21st century educators. Our efforts support classroom teachers in helping students become judicious digital citizens and finding purpose and success in a rapidly changing and highly competitive globalized society.

Learning and Technology

Trevor Day School provides unique and authentic learning opportunities for its students. The school’s pedagogy is founded on the idea that learning should be inquiry-based, with students at the center of their educational activities.  Our approach to educational technology fully supports this fundamental concept. With laptops in hand and wireless access to our network and the digital world beyond the physical boundaries of the school, Trevor students become anytime, anywhere learners. They learn to purposefully collect and analyze information and employ their computer’s vast array of tools to create, communicate, collaborate and demonstrate their growing understanding of the world around them. They express themselves through blogs and wikis, coding, website creation, and dynamic multimedia presentations. They become digital thinkers and life-long learners, ready to rise to the challenges of the 21st century.


Trevor has pursued the meaningful integration of technology and curriculum since introducing its first computers to the classroom in 1982. By 1996, more than 200 desktop computers had been installed in our classrooms and labs. In 1996, Trevor became a pioneering laptop school and our technology program has steadily evolved since.

Children in Nursery through Grade 2 utilize iPads in the classroom and tablets are available for all Trevor students. Children in Grade 3 are introduced to computers through the use of shared laptops. All students in Grades 4 through 12 are equipped with their own laptop, which provides wireless access to our network and the Internet. Trevor also provides high-powered workstations for multimedia creation in our state-of-the-art video production studio.


Trevor teachers employ a wide variety of software products in the classroom, including the Google Applications suite. Basic applications include word processors, spreadsheets, and email.  Some of the more advanced apps used at Trevor include photo, video and sound editors, simulation software, academic assessment tools, scientific data measurement and analysis tools, geometric visualization software, and a sophisticated academic course management system. Coding activities begin in Kindergarten and formal programming classes are offered in the Upper School. 


Laptops, desktop computers, tablets and other technologies serve to enrich the learning experience at Trevor. Our classrooms are equipped with audiovisual systems and are always ready for multimedia presentations and video conferencing. All of our classrooms from Kindergarten through Grade 12 have interactive whiteboards, a powerful tool for creation and collaboration. 

Trevor Portal

The Trevor portal, which is accessible to all members of the school community, serves as the gateway to our digital environment. Everything one needs to know about Trevor is published on the portal. Portal content includes daily announcements, school calendars, student and faculty schedules, academic reports, assignments, the athletics schedule, and even the lunch menu.

Technology Acceptable Use Policy

The Trevor network puts a great deal of power at the fingertips of all members of the community: students, faculty, staff and parents. It is assumed that each community member will use this power with the same respect for others and ethics acceptable in all aspects of life, both inside and outside of school. All expected standards of behavior and communication apply to use of our network and computing capabilities. Use of the school’s technologies is a privilege and it is expected that the guidelines outlined in our Acceptable Use Policy will be followed.

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