Strategic Plan

Trevor Strategic Plan

Trevor is the premier inquiry-based independent day school in New York City, universally recognized as the thought leader in inquiry-driven education. 

Inquiry-based learning engages students in activities and investigation to drive true understanding. Rather than reciting facts or giving a predetermined path to a solution, teachers guide and mentor students through a process of discovery and reflection, via well-crafted questions and problems. In an inquiry-based learning environment, the teacher is both a facilitator of learning—encouraging higher-order thinking—and a provider of information. This dynamic approach encourages students to ask questions and to actively participate in their learning, thus building knowledge from experience and process. They not only gain a deeper understanding of the subject matter, but also develop lifelong processes for learning that will serve them well into college and life beyond. 

The needs and interests of children form the core of all that we do. The school exercises its responsibility to invoke each and every child’s inherent gifts. Trevor works with parents to cultivate these gifts, and in turn, develop a deep intellectual foundation in its students. We do so by employing the most effective pedagogy, led by devoted teachers who model collaboration, intellectual passion, creativity, and adaptability.

Our focus is on the whole child, not just academic education and experience. At Trevor, we are committed to our students’ overall wellness. We strive to foster young adults who are ethically, physically, socially, and emotionally healthy—young people who think beyond themselves and engage with the public good. We firmly believe that academic and personal excellence need not come at the expense of students’ wellness. Our program is designed to balance academic achievement alongside the many elements of well-being and commitment to the greater good. 

Moreover, Trevor strives to attract a diversity of identities—including, among others, race, ethnicity, religion, gender, and sexual orientation— always being mindful that those may be expressed in different ways, or absent—as well as diversity of socioeconomic status, family structure, and physical ability. Trevor strives to challenge all community members to be their authentic selves, different from each other, and to support that endeavor through an inclusive environment of collective belonging and mutual respect.

Ambitious academics.  Engaged students.  Balanced lives.

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