Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan Pillars

Program of the School

The premier inquiry-based independent day school in New York City. Trevor will:

  • reintroduce a Nursery program designed to expand its inquiry-based pedagogy to the early childhood years, thereby enhancing the Trevor experience for children and further promoting our leadership role in inquiry-based education.
  • engage in the best practices to advance the school’s mission and vision.
  • provide for the pedagogical, administrative, and departmental organization that reflects interdisciplinary approaches to knowledge, skills, and understanding the world.
  • create and provide support for a Center for the Study and Promotion of Inquiry-Based Education for teachers and administrators, both from Trevor and other independent schools; its mission will be to promote Trevor’s model of inquiry-based learning and teaching, both locally and nationally.
  • increase the schools commitment to the intellectual communities of which it is a part, by developing a coherent connection to New York’s diverse communities in educational programming and expanding cooperative programs with colleges, universities, and other sites of learning and service.

Faculty and Teaching Excellence

A dedicated and expert faculty and staff who embody the school’s mission and serve as role models and practitioners of inquiry-based teaching and learning. Trevor will:

  • create an inclusive process for defining teaching excellence to promote the fulfillment of the school’s mission, vision, and academic program objectives.
  • provide professional growth and development that fosters and reinforces the school’s inquiry-based mission.
  • continue to develop core instructional practices infused with inquiry-based teaching and learning.
  • implement a faculty compensation program that supports excellence in teaching.
  • implement a faculty mentoring and evaluation program to provide guidance and feedback for its inquiry-based focus.

Enrollment Management

A diverse student body, Nursery–Grade 12, who possess talents and skills consistent with Trevor’s mission as well as the intellectual and personal potential to be college-bound. Trevor will:

  • ensure that a robust enrollment will meet its mission and provide continuing fiscal sustainability.
  • ensure that its student profile is consistent with its mission.

Diversity, Inclusion & Engagement

Commitment in its students, faculty, staff, and leadership to three interrelated principles: diversity, inclusion, and engagement with responsibilities beyond oneself. Trevor will:

  • strive to recruit, hire, and retain a diverse group of faculty, staff, and administrators.
  • strive to recruit, enroll, and retain a diverse group of students.
  • work to provide all members of the school community—faculty, staff, administrators, students, and families—with tools to facilitate emotional and ethical awareness and skill, so that inquiry-based learning about diversity, inclusion, and engagement occurs in a context of courageous mutual discovery and respect.
  • vigorously examine and utilize opportunities presented by the neighborhood surrounding both the West 88th Street and East 95th Street campuses to become a focal point for service to the communities of which it is a part.


Promote continued fiscal sustainability, in its many facets. Trevor will:

  • work to increase endowment to support the Strategic Plan’s goals.
  • increase Trevor Fund participation and contributions.
  • increase alumni and alumni parent participation and support.
  • engage in a capital campaign to finance the goals of the plan.

Ambitious academics.  Engaged students.  Balanced lives.

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