Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

An independent, Preschool through Grade 12 coeducational day school, Trevor Day School educates college-bound students to achieve academic and personal excellence in an inquiry-driven, idea-rich community. Trevor celebrates diversity of thought, experiences, and culture; promotes compassion, collaboration, courage, and creativity; and develops in children a recognition of their own unique potential as lifelong learners and leaders who act as responsible global citizens.

Our Vision

Trevor Day School graduates students who:

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  • face challenges with self-confidence and a willingness to risk failure

  • approach new ideas and experiences openly

  • engage deeply with academic material and concepts

  • think flexibly in problem-solving

  • adopt innovative technologies and methodologies readily

  • assess and synthesize information critically

  • communicate with respect for content, form, and audience

  • work independently as well as collaboratively

  • act responsibly as global citizens

  • value lifelong learning

  • balance high achievement with a love of learning


In our learning community, we value:

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  • diversity of ideas, ways of learning, experiences, and cultures

  • trust in the members of our community

  • teamwork and strong relationships

  • inquiry

  • hard work

  • personal growth

  • passion for learning

In our teaching, we value:

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  • mastery of an ambitious academic curriculum

  • creative and hands-on activities that engage students

  • responsiveness to the individual as well as the group

  • thoughtful innovation

  • critical and creative thinking

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