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Dear Parents,

Our dedicated College Guidance Office is committed to matching each Trevor student with his/her optimal college or university. We are advocates and facilitators each step of the way, providing comprehensive preparation and support based on deep knowledge of the students, years of collaborating with colleges and universities, and a strong record of matching students with the right institutions.
We begin by introducing families to an overview of the entire college process, from application to acceptance, during Sophomore year. Our intensive work with students and families kicks into full gear during Junior and Senior year, when we offer class-wide workshops and family conferences for each student. We also meet with students in small groups once a cycle to work on applications and prepare for interviews collaboratively.
A key aspect of the college guidance journey is the relationship we cultivate with our students. Each and every student at Trevor is a unique individual with distinct goals and aspirations. Our teachers, advisors, and the entire College Guidance Office form strong, personal relationships with each student. We know your child and value their instincts and opinions. We put the student at the center – the true engine of an effective and authentic process.

Trevor students have choices among our nation’s top colleges and universities, and more importantly, they excel when they get there. Some graduates attend Ivy League schools, while others head to large state universities, small liberal arts colleges, or schools of art, design, or music. The diversity in schools selected reflects our dynamic student body.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any and all questions. Our doors are always open to you.


Susan Powers
Co-Director of College Guidance

Adam Exline
Co-Director of College Guidance

College Guidance Resources for Trevor Families

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  • TCCi Family Connection from Naviance

    The Trevor's College Guidance Office uses TCCi Family Connection from Naviance to help guide students and families through the college process. TCCi Family Connection enables our office to offer a comprehensive website that families can use to help in making decisions about colleges.
  • College Guidance on the Portal

    Trevor's College Guidance site, available on the school's intranet portal, helps Trevor students and their families get a comprehensive overview of the college application process. Maintained and updated by the College Guidance Office, the site includes timely bulletins, articles, a list of college search engines, information about writing essays and covers many of the requirements and strategies for getting into a college of choice.

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