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Family Conferences

Family Conferences

Trevor’s signature family conference breaks the standard mold of the parent-teacher conference. Instead of employing a chain of communication that circumvents the student, the family conference involves the student in the dialogue and empowers them to help recognize growth, solve problems, and take part in developing an effective educational action plan.

The concept of the family conference is linked to Trevor’s philosophy to put students at the center of their learning experience. Trevor developed its conferences more than 20 years ago, in conjunction with the Ackerman Institute—who first prototyped the family-teacher conference in the public school system. The conferences employ thoughtful methodology developed over two decades; teachers and advisors invest great time and care in the process, including preparing an agenda, pre-conferencing with students, and utilizing follow-up and evaluation to ensure the conference’s efficacy.

Every student, from early learner to sophisticated senior, plays a role in the family conference. Together, the group members celebrate achievements, identify challenges, and set goals. All participants have a great level of investment in a plan that they helped to create.

Andy Wilson - Director of Lower School

In contrast to the compartmentalized experiences of my youth, Trevor’s family conference directly involves our students, creating agency for the child, as well as a tangible ownership of their learning experience. With the teacher, child, and family all working in partnership, students’ efforts and progress can be celebrated, their goals mapped out, and their school experience shared in collaborative and constructive ways. In thinking of the long-lasting partnership that these conferences create between home and school, it’s a wonder that more schools don’t take this approach!