Signature Programs

Signature Programs at Trevor

Trevor affirms its commitment to active learning and innovation with a steady eye on the needs of the future, by investing in people and programs that foster our students’ intellectual pursuits, creativity, and confidence.

Environmental Studies is a multifaceted academic field that focuses on the interaction between people and their surroundings. Trevor’s Environmental Studies Concentration brings together the natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities to address complex and pressing global issues. 
Trevor’s Health & Wellness Program fosters a safe space for students to learn skills for their emotional, mental, social, and physical health. The program produces independent decision makers with a complex cognitive ability to voice emotions, reason, and find solutions to challenges.

Trevor’s interdisciplinary Global Studies Program provides students a deeper understanding of global issues, opportunities, processes, and systems, and the many implications of globalization. Throughout the curriculum, Trevor students learn about different cultures and histories, while mastering one or more world languages, and exploring the world around them—including trips focused on language immersions, service-learning, historical exploration, and/or cultural exchange.