What are the special details that define Trevor? The programs and methodologies that are unique to the school? The most cherished memories of alumni, faculty, and parents? Explore our one-of-a-kind collaborative learning spaces–which we call the High School Center, the Middle School Common Room, and the Grade 4 & 5 Common Room. Learn about the unique educational perspectives that Bridge and MiniTerm offer. Discover the history behind Choreolab and Family Conferences.  Find out what makes Trevor, Trevor.

Students participate in their own teacher conferences from their earliest year here.  That, to me, is striking.
Trevor parent
“The Common Room defines Trevor.  The idea of having students and teachers all gathered in a central place and not sequestering teachers to their own lounge is what makes Trevor, Trevor.”
Trevor student

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  • Trevor Day School

  • Nursery - 5

  • 6 - 12

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  • New York, NY

  • 1 W 88th St - 212.426.3300

  • 312 E 95th St - 212.426.3360