Legacy Campaign

Legacy Campaign Initiatives

Trevor Day School has a 93-year history of educating students in a supportive, immersive, and engaging manner.  Known for making learning a positive experience, Trevor focuses on strong academic achievement, as well as the social and emotional development of our students – a commitment to the whole child, student engagement, and the creation of balanced lives with purpose. These principles have been our driving force since the day we opened our school with nine Kindergarten students in 1930.
Today, serving students in Nursery through 12th grade, Trevor is reaffirming its commitment to innovation and active learning with a steady eye on the future, by embarking on an endowment campaign that will secure our long-term fiscal and academic strength by investing in our intellectual capital—the people and programs that foster, develop, and inspire our remarkable students’ intellectual pursuits, creativity, confidence, and compassion.  More importantly, the Legacy campaign is the vehicle through which we will ensure that our students have the tools, resources, programs, faculty, and community support to set their course for academic and personal excellence.

Academic Programming

Trevor’s mission to cultivate “leaders who act as responsible citizens” is supported through the Legacy Campaign to provide rigorous and signature academic programming such as:
  • Global Studies: an interdisciplinary program that provides students with a deeper understanding of global issues, processes, and systems.
  • Environmental Studies: an integrative academic field that focuses on people and their surroundings.
  • Health & Wellness: a multifaceted program that teaches students pertinent skills to maintain their emotional, mental, social, and physical health.

Faculty & Teaching Excellence

At the core of every teaching institution is its faculty. The Legacy Campaign will make a permanent investment in our faculty in the form of a $17 million increase to our endowment to facilitate the recruitment and retention of teachers across all divisions and provide complementary professional development, mentoring, and evaluation programs to provide the advanced training, support, and feedback loop on benchmarks for teaching excellence.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Trevor’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is comprehensive and deeply woven into the fabric of our organization and our community. Legacy Campaign funds will be allocated to increase student diversity by enrolling underrepresented students; invest in DEI programming sustainability; develop cross-divisional inclusivity curricula and initiatives that raise awareness about social identity, empathy, and respect; strive to recruit, hire, and retain a diverse group of faculty, staff, and administrators; and define and articulate common language concerning DEI.


Trevor is embarking on its Legacy Campaign from a position of fiscal strength—thanks to the generosity of many community members through the annual giving program and our endowment. Building on this existing bedrock, the Legacy Campaign will build awareness of our signature programs and planned giving opportunities and provide experiences for alumni connections to support our whole community.
Donors to our endowment are the guardians of Trevor’s future. An endowment is a pool of money invested to produce income that will support a mission related purpose while the principal will continue to grow as a result of reinvested earnings. By significantly investing in the above areas, the Legacy Campaign will help provide a consistent and reliable source of income to further distinguish our community as a school of choice. An endowed fund can be established with a minimum gift of $50,000. A list of existing named endowment funds can be found here.