Inquiry-Based Learning

Careers at Trevor

At Trevor Day School, we recruit and retain the highest caliber of faculty and staff—practitioners who are committed to academic and personal excellence, and who embody the mission, vision, and values of the school.

We are eager to work with and learn from those who:

  • drive academic excellence through inquiry-based teaching;
  • design curriculum that promotes enduring understanding and lifelong inquiry;
  • foster true engagement by placing students at the center of the learning experience;
  • articulate messages of inclusivity and equity and their importance to our community;
  • embrace meaningful integration of technology in the classroom;
  • understand that teaching and learning often transcends the classroom;
  • build collaborative relationships with students that are based in trust and mutual respect;
  • and believe that collaboration and thinking across disciplines is essential for an energized and purposeful classroom dynamic.

Professional Development & Opportunities for Growth

We seek faculty who are passionate about their field of expertise, the craft of teaching, and lifelong learning. In order to advance innovation in instruction and facilitate faculty growth, Trevor has extensive professional development opportunities including:

  • trainings by consultants and facilitators;
  • collaboration with colleges and universities in course development;
  • teacher-led workshops on inquiry-based learning;
  • professional learning communities;
  • attendance at a wide range of conferences;
  • summer grants for new curriculum development and study in fields of focus;
  • and tuition reimbursement for faculty members seeking advanced degrees.