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After School Program Class Descriptions

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  • Pre-K–Kindergarten Soccer (Monday)

    This class is an introduction to soccer. Classes build basic soccer skills (dribbling, passing, trapping, scoring) and develop a child’s confidence on the field. Students also learn sportsmanship and team play. The play is non-competitive―so, they learn how to apply skills in real-game situations.
  • Pre-Kindergarten–1st Grade Art (Tuesday)

    This class offers a wide range of  creative projects, in which children sculpt, paint, draw, and build with different materials. Tapping a child’s endless  imagination as a resource—as well as viewing other artists’ work for inspiration—this class celebrates the joy of creating.
  • Kindergarten–2nd Grade Legos (Thursday)

    In this class, students use a wide assortment of Legos to build their own projects― encouraging creative, individual problem solving. At the end of each class, children share what they have created with each other.
  • Kindergarten–1st Grade Chess (Tuesday and Wednesday)

    Children learn the basics of chess in a friendly and focused atmosphere. The class is suitable for everyone—from beginners to more advanced players. 
  • 2nd–5th Grade Chess (Tuesday and Wednesday)

    Children learn strategies and tactics to improve their analytical and practical chess skills. The class is suitable for beginners to tournament-level players. 
  • Kindergarten–5th Grade Mandarin (Monday and Wednesday)

    AfterSchool Mandarin has returned. Join the teachers of Manhattan Mandarin as we explore one of China’s primary languages, as well as its culture.

    Students begin to learn Mandarin through stories, songs, and play. By the end of the first term, parents can expect their new learners to be able to introduce themselves and their family, have basic conversations, and read their own story book. Heritage learners will be taught how to further and formalize their language skills. Students have access to textbooks, videos, and more. Homework is optional.
  • 1st–2nd Grade Soccer (Tuesday)

    Students will learn the rules of soccer, how to receive, pass, dribble, and shoot. They will also learn the importance of position, give and go, and teamwork—all of which will improve their skills and ability to strategize. Students work with a teacher individually, in pairs, and in teams.
  • 1st–5th Grade New York Empire Baseball (Thursday)

    New York Empire AfterSchool baseball players are grouped by age and skill level. Each week, players train and practice in a series of structured lessons that are engaging, developmental, and fun—followed by a baseball game. The program is rain or shine; we use our own indoor space, if needed. Classes are taught by New York Empire Baseball’s coaches and instructors. More information is available at
  • Kindergarten–2nd Grade Creating Theatre (Monday)

    Fall Semester
    Theatre Games and Improvisation:
    Students work both independently and as a group in a creative, non-competitive environment. This class teaches much more than theatre; students also learn about spatial relationships, teamwork, concentration, and problem solving. They work solo, with partners, and as part of a larger cast. They are introduced to all the basic forms of improvisational theatre, while they have fun, learn to take risks, and to think on their feet.

    Winter Semester
    Theatre and Storytelling: 
    Students explore both scripted and non-scripted material, focusing on teamwork, problem solving, accessing one’s imagination, and storytelling. The semester culminates in a short play that students present to their fellow AfterSchool participants.

    Spring Semester
    Musical Theatre: 
    Students learn how to present a story through music and movement; through exploration of silly—and developmentally appropriate—warm-ups, songs, and dances. The semester culminates in a short revue presented to their AfterSchool peers.
  • 2d–5th Grade Sports (Monday)

    Students will participate in a variety of sports—including soccer, baseball, football, and track. All game playing is relaxed and emphasizes teamwork, good sportsmanship, and having lots of fun. The class is held in Central Park (or, in the event of inclement weather, in the gym).
  • 2nd–5th Grade Harry Potter and Hogwarts School (Thursday)

    Welcome to Hogwarts! In this class, each student is assigned to a  house and becomes an official student of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. In each class, we will explore different subjects through a variety of activities: We will read tea leaves in divination and create magical concoctions in potions; we will learn about the magical creatures of the wizarding world and create our own magical beasts in care of magical creatures. This class is good for readers of Harry Potter, as well as those who have not (yet) started the books.
  • 2nd–5th Grade Karaoke (Thursday)

    In this class, children have the opportunity to sing their favorite songs—reading the lyrics as they sing the song.  This class helps to build confidence, as students perform in front of others. Dancing is encouraged and having fun is required!  
  • 2nd–5th Grade Girls Running (Monday)

    This class is all about fitness, inside and out. Girls lift each other up and bond over shared experiences, creating supportive connections that last. Together, they practice warming up, jogging, sprinting, relay races, and tracking progress with timed runs—all while rooting for each other. 
  • 2nd–5th Grade Fashion and Jewelry Making (Thursday)

    In this class, we have the opportunity to make connections with fellow crafters, as we learn the basics of sewing: pinning, threading needles, and stitching personalized designs. We re-purpose materials for sewing projects and do the same as we make necklaces, bracelets, headbands, and more. We add an environmentally conscious spin to all our creativity. 
  • 2nd–5th Grade Sushi & Dumplings (Tuesday)

    Ms. Pohlmann returns to teach this perennially popular class. Over the course of seven weeks, students first learn how to make sushi (bowls and rolls). Next, they learn how to make dumplings—empanadas, pierogi,and Asian-style dumplings—culminating in learning how to make  ravioli. They also learn a simple method for making assorted dumpling wrappers—not to mention a smattering of history related to each of the respective cultures that created these delicious dishes.
  • 2nd–5th Grade Healthy Desserts (Tuesday)

    Fruit, natural ingredients, and moderation all come together as students whip up desserts that don't sacrifice flavor for our health.
  • 2nd–5th Grade Fun Appetizers ( Tuesday)

    Bruschetta, salsa, and fruit kabobs are just some of the delicious and easy-to-make treats children learn to create in this class.
  • 2nd–5th Grade Dance Fit (Monday)

    Exercise shouldn’t be boring. Students learn a set of movements (each with their own fun name) and explore basic choreography, while getting healthy cardiovascular exercise. They cool down with everyone's favorite: Freeze Dance!
  • 3rd–5th Grade Dog Training (Monday)

    This is a structured, instructional class in which children learn the rules of dog training. Students should be interested in learning about dog behaviors and how dogs think. Of course, play time with Flint, a play therapy dog, is part of every session. 
  • 2nd–5th Grade The Art of Juggling: Balance and Movement (Tuesday)

    Through play and practice with juggling scarves and balls, students will work with one-, two-, and three-object patterns, developing coordination and spatial orientation. Working on throwing, catching, and balancing—both individually and together—students will discover the magic of juggling.
  • 3rd–5th Grade Soccer ( Wednesdays, Thursday, and Friday)

    The primary goal of this class is to have fun and learn how to play soccer; children will learn all the basic principles and individual skills. They will learn various techniques through training sessions of warm-ups, passing lanes, scoring, goal-keeping, foot coordination, speed drills, conditioning, and the roles of offensive and defensive positions. They will play a fun scrimmage game to practice and assimilate all that they have learned. The class also teaches core values of sportsmanship, teamwork, respect, and sharing. 
  • 2nd–5th Grade Inline Skating and Skateboarding with Joe’s Kids on Wheels (Tuesday)

    Join Joel’s experienced, kid-friendly coaches for a fantastic season of inline skating and skateboarding. These are great classes for the young athlete to learn—not just one, but two― skating disciplines. Those who just want to learn one technique can do so.

    Inline skating: Every week, coaches will teach a new skating skill—from basic balance, stopping, turns, skating backwards, and more. Whenever the weather is suitable, students will have terrific fun on wheels in Central Park. This class is open to all skill levels of skaters.

    Skateboarding: Whether you already know how to do an “Ollie” or want to get started with skateboarding, this program is for you. Learn and enjoy the basics through advanced moves on a skateboard. From push-offs to “fakies,” this safe program will thrill students.
  • 2nd–5th Grade: Coding (Monday and Tuesday)

    In AfterSchool Coding, students use iPads and Chromebooks to learn about computer programming and game design. They engage with computers as a medium for creativity, communication, problem solving, fun, and expression. The course inspires students to learn computer programming concepts, as they build their own games and share them with friends.