From internships, to independent research, to community service—and everything in between—Bridge is the culminating experience of Trevor’s inquiry-based learning environment. Driven by the passion and inquiry of Trevor students, this senior project affords Trevor 12th graders the opportunity to explore an area of interest in an in-depth manner during their final term. With mentorship from faculty and staff, students design their multi-faceted projects and bring them to fruition. Often, diverse seminars taught by teachers, guest lecturers, and peers rounds out the project.

Love of learning fuels the successful design and implementation of a Bridge project. The program fosters intellectual growth, innovation, and independence. Regardless of the form that Bridge takes, students conclude their Trevor careers with a tangible project that reflects an appreciation for learning, a demonstration of perseverance, and a commitment to excellence.

Trevor Parent '18

Dear Trevor, 

I feel compelled to tell you how grateful I am for Bridge. I’ve witnessed Annie getting up every morning to go to work in the lab of a neuro-oncologist at Memorial Sloan Kettering, learning things on a level equal to that of a university pre-med student, then coming home energized by it all—energized enough to partake in James' and Jayden’s Cabaret project, which was equally successful. 
The scope and talent of the other Bridge projects I was fortunate enough to see were so impressive. From independent films, photographs from Taiwan, pottery glazing techniques, Hudson River fish conservation, music and dance compositions—they were all amazing. 

I think this has undoubtedly been a capstone and advantage of Annie’s education at Trevor. Something that could only work at this point in time. Instead of merely walking up to be handed a diploma at graduation, I see it more as the handing off of a baton in a relay race—you’ve helped her across the bridge and sent her off running.