Trevor Day School is known for making learning a wholly positive experience, focusing on strong academic achievement, as well as students’ social and emotional development.
Trevor reaffirms its commitment to innovation and active learning with an eye to the future, by investing in our intellectual capital — the people and programs that foster, develop, and inspire our remarkable students’ intellectual pursuits, creativity, confidence, and compassion. 
Trevor’s Legacy Campaign is a long-term investment in our students’ futures, in the form of robust academic programs, made possible by sustainable faculty salaries. We commit to providing our stellar faculty—trailblazers who stand at the vanguard of education—with the time, tools, and resources they need to develop quality educational programming that challenges and inspires our students to soar. 
To learn more about how you can help Trevor faculty and ensure the excellence of a Trevor education in the future, please contact: [email protected].

Having outstanding teachers in every classroom is one of the most important resources that we can provide for our children.  The Legacy Campaign will allow our school to further recruit, retain and reward the best teachers at the vanguard of education.
Samantha Regan P'35 & P'27
The Legacy Campaign is an investment in our children’s future. We are happy to support the wonderful faculty and staff who put our children’s education, health and well-being at the forefront of all they do.
Anne Haubenstricker P'27 & P'18
Legacy Campaign Chair
As a 50-year Trevor educator, I am proud to be affiliated with a uniquely open and caring community in which students can find themselves and flourish. The Legacy Campaign will offer the opportunity of this great educational experience to a wider segment of society and reduce the burden of that tuition cost on future families.
Eric Lindow
Trevor is a welcoming community, with kind students, and nurturing faculty. My teachers are easily accessible and open to talking to students whenever they are free. This was especially important to me as I adjusted to studying in America. The friends and faculty that I have connected with here have made my transition to New York City enjoyable and smooth. I look forward to coming to school everyday and interacting with people that bring me joy.
Dheer S. '28
Trevor teachers are not only passionate educators, but our role models. Throughout my fifteen years, it has been clear that my teachers care about me and my classmates not only as music students, or math students, but as people, willing to go above what is expected. Because of their sincerity, while my fellow classmates and I certainly respect our teachers, we do not fear them. This important distinction has been a fundamental piece of my education.
Zoe S. '24