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Common Spaces

Common Spaces

Nothing is more signature Trevor than our common areas. Trevor's student-centered common spaces engender exceptionally close and kinetic student-to-teacher, student-to-student, and teacher-to-teacher relationships, and consistently expose students to the dynamism of innovative thinking. Within these shared spaces, students further navigate the curriculum outside of the classroom, while developing the self-confidence, original perspective, and perseverance to thrive in any idea-rich arena.

In the Upper School Center, student workspaces span two floors and are surrounded by the desks of the Upper School faculty. The Center creates a learning space where students can readily meet with teachers and advisors, collaborate with classmates, and work during their discretionary periods. The Science Center, the Middle School Common Room, and 5th-Grade Common Room all foster the same collaborative approach, with easy access to partner with teachers and peers in a community-driven space.

Take tours of the buildings to check out our common spaces. 

Trevor Faculty Member

The laughter and the joy in learning that takes place in the Common Room is astounding.