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Arts Conservatory

Trevor’s after-school Arts Conservatory offers private and ensemble music, theatre, and dance lessons for students—both novice and advanced. The Conservatory is staffed with professional teachers, musicians, artists, and performers.

Classical music is emphasized as the foundation for learning and performing vocal and instrumental music. A wide range of instruments are offered including wind, string, and percussion, in addition to voice lessons. Regularly scheduled performances are held on campus.

Aspiring actors and dancers have the chance to participate in private or semi-private monologue or scene-study classes. Our dance students study a specific style of dance for the semester or a combination of several types of dance. We offer, Tap, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Broadway Jazz, Contemporary, and Ballet.

In addition to being offered to all Trevor students, the Arts Conservatory is available to Trevor parents and siblings.

Tuition assistance is available for up to 50% of a student’s tuition  grant.

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  • Arts Conservatory Fee Information

    Private lessons per semester for 2023-24

    • $1,315 for 30-minute lessons at school
    • $1,775 for 45-minute lessons at school
    • $2225 or 1-hour lessons at school
    • At-home lessons are sometimes available for a slightly higher fee.
  • Refund Policy

    If it is necessary for a student to withdraw after lessons have begun, s/he will be entitled to a tuition refund based on the following schedule:

    • Before the first lesson: 100% refunded, minus $50 registration fee
    • After the first lesson: charge for one lesson only
    • After the second lesson: charge 25% of the total fee  
    • After the third lesson: charge 50% of the total fee
    • After the fourth lesson: no refunds available

    Fees are prorated for students who enroll after the semester has started, and also for students whose lessons fall on a frequent holiday, such as Monday or Friday. If a student enrolls after the first week of lessons/classes, but before January 22, 2024, fees are prorated for the remainder of the semester.

    Makeup Policy:

    If a student is out sick or out for any personal reasons then we do not offer makeup or zoom lessons. If a student is absent due to a School event we will offer makeup lessons. If the teacher is absent we will offer makeup lessons. If the teacher or student becomes ill with COVID-19 we will offer in-person makeup lesson or zoom lessons.
  • Billing

    You will be billed by the Business Office. For tuition assistance information for the Arts Conservatory, please see your contract letter. The Arts Conservatory is open to non-Trevor students with payment of a $50 non-refundable registration fee.
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