Student Life

The Trevor Experience

The Trevor Experience

Learning at Trevor doesn’t end when students leave the classroom. Because we believe in lifelong learning, value rich and balanced lives for our students, we offer varied and dynamic opportunities to complement Trevor’s academic curriculum.

We encourage students to develop their talents and explore new passions. Whether a student is interested in tennis, trumpet, theatre—or all three—Trevor’s programs provide an open environment in which to take risks, grow, and excel. Opportunities abound for students at every stage and level of their discipline. From exploring a brand-new artistic medium to leading a team to a championship season, Trevor students do so with acumen and determination.

Student life at Trevor is robust and ever-expanding. The school year includes arts, athletics, clubs, global initiatives, service learning, library media centers, and after-school offerings. Each reflects Trevors commitment to educating the whole individual and to identifying and celebrating the unique and diverse gifts that each student possesses.

Trevor Parent

This past year has been nothing short of phenomenal. We've seen our child grow and learn so much.