Environmental Studies Concentration at Trevor

Environmental Studies is an interdisciplinary academic field that focuses on the interaction between humans and their surroundings. This field brings together the natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities to address complex global issues.

Trevor’s mission aims to cultivate “leaders who act as responsible global citizens,” and in doing so are called to create a future that is more sustainable and just. Trevor students begin to learn about sustainability and the environment from a young age, ultimately developing a nuanced understanding of the world and their place in it. Environmental themes and values are woven into classes in various subject areas across all divisions. In recent years, we have added advanced elective courses in the Upper School that directly address issues of sustainability.
Students who take a series of these courses are eligible to graduate with a Concentration in Environmental Studies, signifying their pursuit of knowledge in this field. The requirements for the 2023–2024 school year include four of the following (with at least one of the starred options):

  • Advanced Environmental Studies *
  • Advanced Environmental Science: Energy, Ecosystems, and the Future *
  • Advanced Topics in Marine Science
  • Advanced Economics
  • Advanced Statistics
  • Environmental Science & Policy
  • Relevant Bridge Project

In addition, this cohort of students takes an Environmental Studies Seminar in the spring, sharing their perspectives and experiences with each other while hearing from various faculty members as well as guest speakers who are experts in the field. The focus is on New York City, urban sustainability, and environmental justice. 
The program is designed to prepare students for advanced study in college. Those who graduate from Trevor with a Concentration in Environmental Studies will have developed a toolkit  to thrive as individual environmentalists and contribute to society in meaningful ways—helping build a brighter future for all.