What Parents Are Saying

Our children are taught very young to articulate their thoughts and have meaningful conversations with adults. That is a very strong attribute.
"She feels that she is understood and has people she can turn to—who she’s close with. And that really helps learning overall. The administration ‘gets’ her and they really know her. And that colors everything."

As often as possible, teachers have the kids experiencing the learning, grappling with solutions, and finding a more creative way of getting there.
"Teachers lend themselves to the students and take the time to help them with any problems. It’s a culture that encourages them to keep trying, and to succeed."
Engagement in Trevor's close-knit community empowers emotional intelligence and is a building block for life. It prepares young people for the larger world.
"I think they really try to teach the kids how to be long-term independent learners. I like that they recognize that each kid’s strength is a little different." 
He’s well prepared for the future and looking forward to it. You can’t be afraid of success. You can’t let fear get in the way. He doesn’t. He’s leaving high school with optimism and excitement. And he got that all from Trevor.
"The teachers really love what they’re doing."
Trevor felt like the right place for our child and our family. Everyone was incredibly honest and open and the mission was in line with our own family values.
"My daughter is so often engaged in classes through heated debates or experiments. She recently spoke on the floor of the UN. To have a 13-year-old come home from school and say, 'that was so cool,' is a wonderful thing."