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Real relationships drive real learning at Trevor.

The caliber of teachers is a defining feature of Trevor Day School. At the top of their field and driven to impart knowledge, Trevor teachers masterfully encourage inquiry and allow for an intellectual freedom that makes classes more interesting and learning more personal. At Trevor, teachers and students are most often together–in the classroom, on the playground, even in the cafeteria. Trevor’s common spaces and laptop program enable students to collaborate with teachers anywhere and anytime.  This high level of engagement builds confidence in Trevor students, leading them to interact comfortably with adults, ask hard questions, acquire knowledge, and extrapolate meaning.

Committed to and engaged in the life of the school, Trevor teachers…

  • promote an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect with students and colleagues
  • enthusiastically participate in schoolwide initiatives
  • communicate frequently
  • collaborate effectively
  • model ethical behavior, global citizenship, and sustainability

Passionate about teaching and learning, and reflective on their professional practice, Trevor teachers...

  • embrace lifelong learning
  • explore best practices and cutting-edge educational advances
  • take advantage of diverse opportunities for professional development
  • share knowledge and expertise with colleagues
  • consistently reevaluate curriculum and instruction to best meet students’ needs

Knowledgeable in their subject matter and skilled in implementing an inquiry-based curriculum, Trevor teachers...

  • design units and lessons that promote enduring understandings
  • keep students at the center of the experience
  • differentiate instruction to meet the needs of diverse learners
  • incorporate modern technology and research into instruction
  • use authentic assessments to track student progress and tailor instruction

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"If there’s a challenge, we go out, seek a solution, get advice from our colleagues, and solve it together. And that’s how we teach our students to problem-solve as well."
Trevor faculty member
I don’t teach a subject. I teach students.
Trevor faculty member
“The support system here is phenomenal. You absolutely cannot fall through the cracks or go unnoticed. Your teachers are your advocates, not your adversaries.”
Trevor alum

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  • Trevor Day School

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  • New York, NY

  • 1 W 88th St - 212.426.3300

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