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Middle school is a time of great change and increasing independence for students. Students are figuring out their best learning mode through inquiry and reflection: “Do I learn best by reading? By writing? By listening? What combination of research and retrieval works best for me?” Trevor’s Middle School program in grades 6, 7, and 8 emphasizes the students’ emerging understanding and increasing skills of collaboration, responsibility, and critical thinking.
The Middle School division offers a challenging academic sequence in an environment designed to enhance intellectual and personal development. Students in grades 6 through 8 follow a classic curriculum of English, mathematics, history, science, and foreign language. Visual arts, performing arts, physical education, health & wellness, and technology are also required.
The departmentalized schedule is designed to introduce curious students to academic subjects taught by specialists and to promote the further development of their independence and self-discipline. Along with heavier course loads, Middle School students learn to integrate more discretionary time into their schedules. Trevor’s advisory program helps guide students to place an emphasis on time management and setting appropriate goals as they tackle more sophisticated and plentiful content.

Welcome to the Middle School

Our curriculum and physical design were planned to promote independence, responsibility, and intellectual curiosity during this incredible developmental period in a student's life. The classrooms are designed to be inquiry-based and student-centric. The level of engagement is high and there is no "back of the classroom." As such, each Trevor Middle School student is challenged academically and learns to advocate for him/herself.

The learning experience is propelled by exceptional faculty members, each of whom is passionate about his or her field of study and equally as invested in the social and emotional development of the students. 

I strongly believe that communication and collaboration among students and between students and faculty should be cultural in order to promote the highest levels of learning. Schools need to dedicate time and space to ensure these collaborations happen consistently and effectively. Our common spaces are an extension of our classrooms; this design leads to an intellectually driven community. 

Rebecca Damas
Director of Middle School

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