List of 9 frequently asked questions.

  • Q: What is Financial Aid?

    A: Through its Financial Aid Program, Trevor Day School supports qualified Nursery-Grade 12 students and their families who are unable to pay the full tuition. Awards are granted after a family has completed the Financial Aid application process and has been deemed qualified. Financial Aid awards are based on a percentage of tuition, not a set dollar amount, therefore the amount a family pays each year is likely to increase annually in proportion to increases in tuition. The Financial Aid Program is need-based, which means Trevor does not offer academic, athletic, or merit-based scholarships of any kind.  A Financial Aid award is a grant, not a loan, and does not have to be paid back.
  • Q: How often does tuition increase and by how much? How will this increase impact our financial aid award?

    A: Historically, tuition at New York City independent schools has increased each year by approximately 3-5% in order to cover rising personnel and program costs. Assuming no change in a family's financial circumstances, the school endeavors to maintain the same level of tuition support each year.
  • Q: How do we know if we qualify for Financial Aid? Who is awarded Financial Aid?

    A: Few families find it easy to pay independent school tuition. Most families adjust their spending priorities, maximize parents’ earnings, and carefully manage assets to do so. Providing firm guidelines to help a family decide whether to apply for Financial Aid is difficult because each family’s combination of circumstances is different. The Financial Aid Committee’s awards are based on many different factors. Among those factors considered are income, assets (including home equity, college funds, and investments), family size, and the number of children attending tuition charging institutions.
  • Q: Should we delay applying for Financial Aid until after our child enrolls at Trevor?

    A: No. Financial Aid will usually not be available to families after enrollment. If a family thinks they will need Financial Aid, they must apply for Financial Aid when they initially submit their application for admission.
  • Q: How does the Financial Aid Committee determine our financial aid award?

    A: Families submit a TADS (Tuition Aid Data Services) application online directly to TADS. Domestic partners, as well as separated and/or divorced parents must each submit a TADS application. Step-parents and non-custodial parents must also submit financial information.

    TADS uses the submitted information to generate a Financial Aid Report that summarizes a family’s financial situation. If you feel that additional information would be helpful to the Financial Aid Committee in evaluating your family’s TADS Application, we welcome you to upload a supplemental letter in TADS. Trevor’s Financial Aid Committee uses this report, in addition to other factors, to determine a family’s financial aid award. Procedures for applying for Financial Aid are detailed on the Financial Aid Application Steps page.

  • Q: When are we notified of the Financial Aid Committee's decision?

    A: Families who have applied for financial aid will be notified of the Financial Aid Committee's decision at the same time they are notified of admission decisions, provided all information has been submitted by the due dates.
  • Q: What if a parent/guardian is not employed?

    A: Trevor believes that families should bear the primary responsibility for financing their children's educationand therefore we expect that both parents will contribute financially to their children's tuition and school fees. Each application is evaluated individually with the recognition that every family has unique details defining their financial circumstances.

    If you feel additional information would be helpful to the Financial Aid Committee in evaluating your family's circumstances, we welcome you to upload a supplemental letter in TADS. 
  • Q: What must we do to continue receiving Financial Aid?

    A: The procedures and deadlines for filing Financial Aid forms are the same for returning students as they are for new students. All families who receive Financial Aid must submit Financial Aid forms each year they are enrolled at Trevor in order to continue to be eligible for Financial Aid. Failure to file a TADS application and supporting documentation by the deadlines will result in a returning student's loss of their award.
  • Q: What does Trevor expect of families and students who receive Financial Aid?

    A: Trevor believes that all families should contribute to their child’s educational expenses, in an amount determined through the Financial Aid Committee’s review of a family’s finances. In addition, the School expects all students, whether or not they receive Financial Aid, to maintain the strong academic and personal qualities that led to their admission.  All families receiving Financial Aid from Trevor are required to submit annually a TADS application and the associated documentation of income and expenses.

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