"I am proud to be a Trevor student because each and every day, I am supported by a passionate community of educators and peers. Trevor has allowed me to pursue all of my interests and has pushed me to be a whole person, not just a student."

Meet Emily, who joined Trevor in the 9th grade, and graduated with the Class of 2023. Emily is the co-founder of the Body Banter club, which provides a conversation community for body image and mental health, and aims to create a safe space for those who might otherwise suffer in silence. She was also on the Student Council, a Writing Advisor, a Peer Leader, a member of MIOW (Multiple Identities, One World), and participates in Trevor’s performing arts’ productions. Outside of Trevor, Emily is a camp counselor where she teaches archery.

Emily’s favorite Trevor classes are math and history. Her advanced math classes have stretched her to her fullest potential and allowed her to collaborate with her peers. Emily has built a strong relationship with her math teachers in and out of the classroom, and appreciates their constant support.

Trevor's American history courses have greatly improved her skills as a writer, and have enhanced her understanding of and passion for activism. Her studies have taught her that the only way to move forward from being an unjust society is to acknowledge the unbalanced privileges and bloody past. Emily’s favorite Trevor project was during her 10th-grade US history class, where she chose to present on the ongoing struggle for equality, about which she is deeply passionate.

Her favorite Trevor memory is the first day that students returned to in-person learning in October of 2020, when the energy in the building was indescribable after so many months of isolation.

In the future, Emily plans to help people in a field such as psychology, education, social work, or urban policy.