"I am proud to be a Trevor student because I know I’m learning from the best. It feels like family here. What makes Trevor unique are the people who work here and the feeling you get when you’re in the building. Everyone is down to earth and really cares that you succeed. The teachers want you to learn and are there to help you all the time."

Meet Brandon, who came to Trevor in the 5th grade, and graduated with the Class of 2023. He was part of the Best Buddies club, and the Life in Sports club. Brandon was also a star Trevor athlete as a member of the Varsity Baseball team, the Varsity Basketball team, and, most recently, the Varsity Soccer team. During the 2021–22 season, Brandon helped to lead the Varsity Basketball team to a NYCAL Championship title, and a very close second-place finish in the State Tournament.

Outside of school, Brandon has a passion for community service and is a Fundraising Chairperson in the Melina Foundation, an organization near and dear to his heart. It was created in memory of his friend’s grandmother, a single woman who worked multiple jobs to provide for her daughters, before sadly passing to brain cancer. The Foundation’s purpose is to provide for children in need.

At Trevor, Brandon especially enjoys his photography and physics classes. Having studied photography since 7th grade, Brandon formed a bond with his teacher that helped fuel his passion. He loves taking photos and learning techniques to advance his photography skills. 

His passion for physics comes from his Trevor teachers relating classroom instruction to real-life applications. He is fascinated by the in-depth concepts and calculations his class tackles when problem solving on such topics as air resistance and gravity.   

Brandon recalls that the students who welcomed him on his first day of 5th grade are still the friends with whom he remains close today. Brandon characterizes Trevor’s faculty and staff as constant guiding forces and support networks who are always there for him, and truly want him to succeed. 

In the future Brandon sees himself using innovation and his entrepreneurial skills to invent something that everyone can use. #MeetBrandon
Ambitious academics.  Engaged students.  Balanced lives.

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