“I am in a community that encourages me to be the best version of myself.”

Meet Malcolm, who joined Trevor in 9th grade and is in the Class of 2022. 

Malcolm always feels welcome at The Science Center and knows that he’ll learn something new. He values time spent with Trevor’s science department faculty, discussing a range of concepts (including how to solve a Rubik’s Cube!). Thus far, Malcolm’s favorite project has been creating a website integrating what he learned in biology and chemistry about acid and base theories with where one might encounter them in the real world—including inside people!
Malcolm appreciates The Center—a place where students not only connect, but where one’s teachers are always accessible. Whether working on projects or studying for tests together, The Center is always buzzing with support, creativity, and community. 

Malcolm is a captain on both the Varsity Cross Country and Varsity Track & Field teams. He finds running therapeutic because it focuses his breathing, which calms both his body and his mind. In his first year on the Cross Country team, he stepped in to cover another athlete on the team, and contributed to winning a championship race. Malcolm is a part of the Esports club, the Japanese Animation club, HELO Haiti, and the African Diaspora club. He also plays an instrumental role in Choreloab—designing lighting for performances and being a part of the backstage crew.

Malcolm isn’t sure what he’d like to study in the future, but he is confident that he will take what he’s learned at Trevor and apply it to any discipline. #MeetMalcolm
Ambitious academics.  Engaged students.  Balanced lives.

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