"I am proud to be a Trevor student because of our community: It’s a close-knit group of people from diverse backgrounds with all sorts of different ideas that come together in one place. "

Meet Kalina, who joined Trevor in the 9th grade, and will graduate with the Class of 2024. Her favorite class is Mandarin. She decided to pursue Mandarin because she wanted to try something altogether new, and a new language was the perfect place to start. She enjoys learning to write new characters and understanding Chinese culture. Taking Mandarin even inspired her to join the Chinese Culture Club. 
Kalina is in the Yearbook club and part of the Video Crew, members of whom film many Trevor activities and special events. She particularly enjoys Video Crew because it allows her to explore her newfound passion for filmmaking in a hands-on way.

So, it’s no surprise that Kalina’s favorite Trevor project (thus far) involved video—she created a short film for her video arts class on a memorable image in her life. The extensive planning and detailed editing resulted in a final video that she was proud to display to her classmates and teacher. Kalina has gone on to excel in multiple video projects, making her feel supported and proud, while continuing to fuel her passion.

One of Kalina’s favorite Trevor memories is a class trip to the Financial District in 10th grade, where she was able to form stronger connections with her classmates during their first year back together after the pandemic. She says, “Our differences don’t stop us from getting to know each other and from getting along. When I first arrived at Trevor I was surprised at how many people were eager to become friends with me and I was even more surprised at how eager I was to become friends with them!” She cherishes the simple elements in her daily routine, such as getting coffee with friends before school.

What makes Trevor unique for Kalina is the approach to learning and community building that she encounters here. She describes learning at Trevor as “challenging in all the right ways” and appreciates “being encouraged to explore beyond what I’ve learned. I know I can rely on the Trevor faculty, who make this a safe and comfortable space.” The support from faculty and staff has led Kalina to try new classes and clubs that have opened doors for her future.

While Kalina is still exploring what she wants to do after graduation, she believes she will actively pursue all of the goals she sets, knowing it may take years of hard work to achieve. #MeetKalina

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