"Through my years here, Trevor has helped me develop the skills of communication, dedication, and perseverance to tackle life’s challenges. I am proud to be a Trevor student because I know that I am in a place that not only values the concept of community, but also the diverse people who actually inhabit a community. The faculty, staff, and students make every student feel special and people are always encouraged to share their opinions and beliefs. Everyone has a place in the Trevor community."

Meet Karolina, who joined Trevor in the 6th grade, and graduated with the Class of 2023.

Karolina is an avid reader, and has always enjoyed her English classes. Time and time again, no matter the story, she finds herself engulfed in its lore. She feels that books can teach the reader many things about the world and people around them. Karolina has amassed a diverse library of novels and plays, all of which have broadened her horizons and developed her critical thinking.
Karolina was a leader in the stage crew and video crew clubs, an Admissions Ambassador, a peer leader, writing advisor, and a member of Model UN. It was during her first year at Trevor when she felt instant acceptance as a member of the stage crew community, and was taken under the wings of her older peers. Now that she has grown into a leadership position, she makes it a priority to create the same sense of inclusivity for her younger peers and classmates. Not only should they enjoy working on the productions; being a part of a close-knit group is equally important. 

When COVID prohibited in-person performances, Karolina and her theatre design class created a full-length virtual escape room for younger grades to participate in. She found this memorable because, in addition to having fun, the participants thought creatively and outside the box. It was something to look forward to during the isolation that COVID imposed. In the end, the escape room project represented the perfect blend of group work and learning new personal skills.

Among Karolina’s favorite Trevor memories are performing a choreographed dance number for a Middle School field day win, watching the audience’s overwhelming response to the last number at Choreolab, and winning the Homecoming soccer games that sent them to the playoffs. She feels that “they all echo Trevor’s core values, which center around the impact having a strong community can have.”

Karolina feels that Trevor creates spaces that emphasize community and relationships, and fosters friendships between students by providing inter-grade organizations. Additionally, the student-teacher connection is nourished through seeing the teacher as a person beyond their curriculum. Teachers are not just someone in the classroom, but are valued mentors and guides to help students through their academic careers.

While Karolina is still exploring her options after Trevor, her ultimate goal is to be happy. She feels that wherever she goes she will have the skills developed at Trevor to help her find success. We agree! #MeetKarolina