Meet Bryn, Class of 2019. Having joined Trevor in 3rd grade, she has treasured relationships with her teachers for the better part of a decade. “What I value most at Trevor is the student-teacher relationship. My teachers have not only been incredible role models; they have also been wonderful friends and sources of advice for life... they have always had my back and I’m going to miss many of them when I’m in college.” (That’s Barnard College as of this fall.) Bryn’s favorite academic subjects have been history and English. She loves diving deep into analyzing texts, and characterizes her Digital History course as “life changing...I was able to question texts that I have read before and found out that one ‘true’ history does not exist. History has many truths.”

Bryn was a leader of Trevor’s Literary Magazine club throughout upper school, and she advocated to become the first teaching assistant at Trevor for the Digital History program. She is proud to be a Trevor student because she “learned that I am capable of anything.” Surely, her Bridge project demonstrated that: she built a 3-D printer from scratch! In a few years, look for Bryn to be working at a sustainability company that helps the environment. #meetTrevor #meetBryn
Ambitious academics.  Engaged students.  Balanced lives.

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