"I love the inclusivity of Trevor and the amount of opportunities given. I always find myself doing something new and I really appreciate that."

Meet Mikail, who is what is known as a Trevor “lifer,” meaning that he first joined the school in Kindergarten. He will graduate with the Class of 2024.

Mikail’s favorite subject is math, which he finds both interesting and challenging. He feels “it’s a good way to train your mind.” He enjoys knowing that there is only one right answer, and is excited to discover or develop the process to find it. He also enjoys science exploration, particularly in chemistry. Similar to his passion for math, he enjoys critical thinking, specifically as it is needed in experiments. He enjoys hands-on class activities that require him to think critically, form hypotheses, and test them in a lab setting, so that he can verify and report his findings.  
Mikail credits his teachers with helping him to achieve academic success. He enjoys the challenging academics offered at Trevor and is grateful for the relationships he has with his teachers, who he praises for being incredibly helpful, effective, fun, and easily accessible. 

He finds the Upper School Center an inviting environment. Having teachers’ desks scattered around the common space breaks down any barriers between teachers and students. Mikail knows that he can walk up to a teacher’s desk at any time and feel comfortable discussing any issue. He knows his teachers will always be available and will guide him through even the most confusing topics.

An avid athlete, Mikail enjoys being part of the Varsity Tennis team. He enjoys constantly improving his skills and performance, meeting new people, and the competition. He credits being on the tennis team as one of the best ways he has made friends who aren’t in his grade level. Tennis is the source of his favorite—and, so far, proudest—memory at Trevor, when he competed against Calhoun and triumphed. His hard work, dedication, and determination help him to succeed, both on and off the tennis court.

Mikail’s goals for the future are set high, as he loves to be challenged. Currently, he is considering becoming either a physician or an investment banker. With two more academic years to decide, he refers to this choice as, “a senior-year problem!” We know Mikail will succeed in whatever direction he chooses. #MeetMikail