"I am proud to be a Trevor student because I completely agree with the school’s mission and I love this community. Even though I cannot be deeply close with everyone, there is a sense of compassion coursing throughout the school. I find it in the simple act of a senior saying hello while holding the door open for me. The community we have built together is what makes Trevor, Trevor."

Meet Haerat, who joined Trevor in the 9th grade and will graduate with the Class of 2024. She works on the yearbook and is a part of Model UN. Haerat’s involvement with the yearbook has made her appreciate the creativity and months of hard work that go into creating a publication that will preserve so many memories. 
In her second year in Model UN, Haerat is honing her passion for debating and discussing social issues. Whether debating major world challenges or determining a preference for pancakes vs. waffles, she treats every debate as if it were an official conference. (And she relishes the fact that these discussions never fail to make her laugh.)
Academically, Haerat is a huge fan of the science department. She describes it as “filled with the most lovely people who are always ready to engage in conversation.” Haerat knows she can always approach them to share her latest interesting discovery, and that they are consistently happy to share in dialogue and joke with her.

Her favorite Trevor project came out of her Biology class. A self-professed science geek, Haerat chose to concentrate on Henrietta Lacks, an African American woman whose cancer cells (taken without her permission while undergoing treatment for cervical cancer in early 1951) are the source of the HeLa cell line, one of the most important cell lines in medical research. Haerat was shocked by the role that science played in social injustice. The impact of that project has stayed with Haerat; she often finds herself educating her family and friends about Lacks’ impact on science.

Haerat makes a new great memory every time she is with her friends in the Trevor community. She fondly recalls bonding with her class on a trip to Wall Street. She also remembers the laughter and fun had during the 10th-grade gingerbread house decorating event—she and her friends struggled to get their houses to remain upright—they were too weighed down by candy decorations and frosting. 

Where might one find Haerat when she is not in class? She enjoys Trevor’s common spaces and is grateful that the teachers’ desks are so accessible because it forces her to engage in conversation when she needs help, and it allows both teachers and students to engage outside of the classroom. She also likes spending time in Trevor’s library, which she describes as “a quiet place to work surrounded by the scent of books, and where Ms. Casey is always willing to have a fun conversation with you.”

Haerat sees her future as wide open. She sees herself working at something she’s proud of and that incorporates science (but no blood, please…) and possibly law.  #MeetHaerat