“I have found the Trevor community to be very welcoming to new students and I am grateful for the friendships I have been able to create here.”

Ava joined Trevor in the 9th grade and will graduate with the Class of 2024. She participates in the Teen Cancer America Club, The Admissions Ambassadors, The Jewish Students Union (JSU), and the Trevor Dragon Newspaper. She particularly enjoys being part of the JSU because she finds fun and interesting ways to teach peers about Jewish culture; she learns much in the process. She is also a student-athlete on the Girls Varsity Softball, Basketball, and Volleyball teams. 
Ava’s favorite class is English where she enjoys delving deep into texts and carefully analyzing them with her classmates. She appreciates that Trevor makes it easy for students to approach teachers at any time in the common spaces. One of Ava’s favorite Trevor projects was in Biology, where she was tasked with presenting on a cell of her choosing. She enjoyed how open-ended the project was, giving her the freedom to curate the information she presented on the cardiac muscle cell. 

Ava hasn’t yet decided what path she wants to pursue in college and beyond, because she has such varied and evolving interests, but she hopes to be happy with whatever road she chooses! #MeetAva
Ambitious academics.  Engaged students.  Balanced lives.

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