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Trevor Thursday Digest - October 8, 2020

Dear Trevor Community,
Next Tuesday, we will be delighted to welcome back many of our Lower School students, our cohort A Middle and Upper School students, and many of our faculty and staff to the in-person program. To those students and families who have elected to continue with distance learning, know that we remain dedicated to your continued connection and success.
As you can imagine, this is quite a juggling act; we are striving to keep many balls in the air simultaneously. I commend our three division directors and their teams, all of whom have worked so hard to prepare for both in-person and distance learning programs throughout the summer and early fall. 
If we have learned anything during these last seven months, it is that we need an abundance of patience and flexibility to navigate our lives. Despite our best efforts, we know there will be glitches. So we will continue to seek your patience and flexibility as we embark upon hybrid programming that integrates in-person and distance learning. 
I truly believe that Trevor’s distance learning program is second to none, and I am continuously impressed by the sophisticated collaboration among faculty, students, and families to drive inquiry and achievement. That said, there is nothing like having students back in the buildings. Despite the fact it won't be Trevor “as normal,” it will reflect our best efforts to live our mission within the many confines that the pandemic imposes.
Expect clear and timely communications about any twists and turns that arise in our upcoming story. Know that we are actively connected to strong networks of school heads, facilities directors, nurses, and other administrators—all of whom share their best practices and experiences.
I reiterate the critical importance of social distancing, wearing face coverings, hand washing, and staying out of school for any and all COVID-19 related symptoms. For those who missed it, we now have an FAQs site that details many of our new day-to-day protocols. I call on all members of the community to do their part and help to strengthen our efforts to keep Trevor safe, healthy, and mission driven.
I remain heartened by your compassion and decency toward one another—and especially toward me—during what has, admittedly, been some of the most challenging times in my four-decade career. I look forward to seeing Trevor students and faculty in the corridors of 88th and 95th Streets and in Zoom galleries, and seeing our parents at visitor nights and other sessions we will hold in the near future.
As we celebrate Solidarity Week (please see a communication below from our DEI Team), let’s stand in solidarity with each and every member of the Trevor community, and share the responsibility to uphold important norms to keep all of us safe, healthy, welcomed, and with full voice and agency.
Scott R. Reisinger
Head of School
Ambitious academics.  Engaged students.  Balanced lives.

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