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Academics at Trevor

At the heart of a great school is an ambitious academic program.

Trevor brings together a challenging college-preparatory curriculum, expert educators, and diverse teaching methodologies which deepen the learning and give it authentic meaning for children. Not only are Trevor students prepared for each grade level and challenging college-level work, but they have also learned how to learn in the process. Critical-thinking skills, problem-solving know-how, and an ability to reason and debate are built into the fabric of the academic experience at Trevor.

What you find at Trevor is lively debate, intellectual energy, constant questioning of the status quo, and serious investigation into topics ranging from probability and the Freedom Riders in Lower School to net neutrality, The Canterbury Tales, and quantum physics in Middle and Upper School.
At the heart of this great school are ambitious academics in the hands of curious, capable, and engaged young minds.
I love the academic program. The tree study in Lower School for example—learning collaboratively with each other right in the park. It’s one of the best ways to learn.
Trevor parent

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