In the Lower School, the study of dance is wrapped into the overarching Orff Schulwerk approach to building musicianship in every learner through the integration of music, movement, speech, and drama. The harmonious blending of these components contributes to a child's physical, social, musical, and artistic development. 

Choreography is at the core of the Middle & Upper School dance program at Trevor. In composing dances, students create movement, learn movement, and respond to the movement of others. This three-part approach allows for a deeper understanding of dance, a context for self-exploration, and the opportunity for students to give form to their inner experiences.
Middle School dance students are introduced to the fundamentals of technique and the basic elements of dance composition. Projects are designed to explore time, space, and energy—guiding students towards dance making. Collaboration, practice, and performance are vital to the choreographic process and are woven throughout the curriculum for all dance students.  
All Upper School dance students take a combination of classes in contemporary dance technique as well as improvisation and dance composition. In technique class, students learn movement phrases that emphasize tenets of proper alignment, efficiency, and physical organization. Dance composition classes utilize improvisation as a tool to build the group dynamic and innovate new movement. Both serve to enhance the development of a personal movement vocabulary to use in a variety of choreographic methods.
Choreolab, the annual student dance concert for dance students in grades 7-12, is a bold, unique showcase of the department’s vision and the students’ talent and ingenuity.
To understand what I am saying, you have to believe that dance is something other than technique.
We forget where the movements come from. They are born from life. When you create a new work,
the point of departure must be contemporary life -- not existing forms of dance. 
―Pina Bausch

Meet the Staff

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  • Photo of Laurie Roth

    Laurie Roth 

    Grades 6-12, Dance Teacher and Advisor, Ancillary Performance Coordinator, Performing Arts Chair
  • Photo of Kirstin Spielman

    Kirstin Spielman 

    Grades 6-12, Dance and Performing Arts Teacher and Advisor, Dean of the Class of 2017
    (212) 426-2573

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  • Q. Can you tell me more about the US dance program?

    • US students take a combination of modern dance technique, improvisation, and composition.
    • All students attend and review at least one professional dance concert.
    • Students choreograph a solo performance, presented at the end of the school year.
    • Dance is a prerequisite for participation in Choreolab.
    • Students who take dance may be exempt from PE.
  • Q. Who participates in Choreolab?

    Students in grades 7-12 may participate.


Choreolab is a uniquely Trevor showcase of student choreography. Participating student choreographers create dances—from the germination of an idea to writing a proposal, auditioning student dancers, conducting rehearsals, and performing for an audience.

The magnitude of creativity and dedication that students and faculty devote to this experience is monumental. Created over a 3-month period, a typical Choreolab might include: 60 dancers, 17 dances, 8 stage crew members, 7 lighting designers, 7 videographers, 5 faculty member mentors, and 1 costume designer. 

Choreolab is an opportunity for students to explore the creative process and develop their capacity for leadership and collaboration. All choreography is done by the students, with guidance and mentorship from the faculty. Alumni return to Choreolab year after year to support their fellow students and enjoy the newest choreography.

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