Participation as a member of any team requires collaboration, commitment, and respect of shared goals.  At Trevor, it is the specific aspiration of our coaching staff to help individual student-athletes develop a sense of responsibility, cooperation, self-discipline, self-confidence, and sportsmanship.  We believe that every student, regardless of athletic ability, can grow and benefit through participation in interscholastic athletics.  Our policy ensures that every student has the opportunity to join a team, where he/she puts into play the Trevor values of good sportsmanship, high effort, teamwork, and personal accountability.  Every student who wants to be on a team, will be on a team.

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Playing Time

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  • 7th and 8th grade

    While all members of the team will be given the opportunity to play, playing time is earned through team work, sportsmanship, talent and commitment.
  • Junior Varsity level

    Student-athletes earn playing time through hard work, commitment, skill, and being a good teammate.  
  • Varsity level

    While still maintaining the core values of Trevor's Athletic Philosophy, Trevor’s goal is to build and sustain the most highly competitive team possible at the Varsity level.

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  • Trevor Day School

  • Nursery - 5

  • 6 - 12

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  • New York, NY

  • 1 W 88th St - 212.426.3300

  • 312 E 95th St - 212.426.3360